10 Tips for Picking the Right Nail Polish Color


Choosing the right shade of nail polish is all about deciding how you’re going to choose. That sounds like circular logic, but it’s true: there are several different ways to go about choosing a color, and the color you end up with is going to depend on which method you use to make your decision. Read on to find out a few easy tips for picking the right nail polish color.

1. Choose by occasion

This is the tried-and-true (and safest) way to choose a color. No matter how awesome you look in yellow, you probably don’t want to wear nails adorned with neon smiley faces to an interview at a prestigious law firm. Situations like that call for nude shades that look polished without drawing attention to themselves. Lunch with the girls may call for bright berries or playful designs, while, for a night out on the town, you can bring out your glitzy metallics.