10 Vital Everyday Skincare Tips


Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It protects your internal organs from the elements. Your face is the identity that you present to the world. Given that your skin and your face play such essential roles, doesn’t it make sense to take the best care possible of your skin?

Whether you wear makeup everyday or never touch the stuff, caring for your skin is an essential element of presenting your best face to the world. Following these ten basic skincare tips can help you achieve that goal.

1. Moisturize the Skin Surface

Whether you are a young woman just entering adulthood or a mature woman, moisturizing your skin is essential. Even if your skin is oily, you still need a moisturizer – in your case, choose an oil-free moisturizer. If you have dry skin, mature skin or sensitive skin, you especially need moisturizer to minimize the look of fine lines or deep wrinkles.

2. Hydrate the Skin from the Inside Out

You don’t necessarily need to drink 8 glasses of water per day, but hydrating your skin from the inside out is a must.  You don’t even have to limit your hydration to water. Some hydration can come in the form of tea, juice or even coffee. But sorry, that glass of wine with dinner doesn’t count. Alcohol actually dehydrates your system which can accelerate the visible signs of aging.

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3. Exfoliation is Essential

One of the amazing features of your skin is that it renews itself from the inside out. New skin develops to replace old, dead skin cells. However, sometimes the skin renewal process gets out of whack, and old skin cells bind with debris and bacteria to clog pores, which can lead to breakouts.

Regularly exfoliating your skin with a scrubbing agent based on natural ingredients or a good old fashioned washcloth can wash away dead skin cells and clear blocked pores, thereby keeping your complexion clear.

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4. Use a Gentle Touch

While thorough cleansing and exfoliation are vital to healthy skin, rough treatment is not called for. Use a gentle touch, especially on your face. If you are too rough in handling your skin you may actually bruise it.

If you are using an exfoliating scrub, there is no need to grind the product down into your pores. Administer any cleansing or exfoliation with a gentle touch and allow your products or washcloth to do the work.

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5. Sunscreen is a Must

If you have ever seen a worn-out shoe, then you have witnessed what the sun’s rays can do to unprotected skin.  If you have fair skin that burns and never tans, wear sunscreen whenever you are exposed to the sun’s rays. If you love the look of tanned skin, fake a sun-kissed glow with bronzing makeup or a spray-on tan at a salon.

Do not subject your skin to the concentrated ultraviolet rays of a tanning bed – which may accelerate the development of skin cancer. Even if you have dark skin, you must wear sunscreen. While larger levels of melanin provide some protection against the damage the sun’s rays can do, even very dark skin can develop skin cancer.

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6. Protect Your Pucker

Along with the skin on your eyelids and your mucous membranes, your lips represent some of the most sensitive skin on your body. Gently brush your lips with a clean toothbrush to remove dry, flaky scales.  Break the habit of licking your lips which can ironically make them even drier.

Instead, shield your lips with lip balm that includes a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 protection.

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7. Enjoy (Good) Fats and Chocolate – Really!

Much of the good health reflected in glowing skin is a result of a healthy diet rich in vegetables and lean meats. Consuming reasonable amounts of good fats from foods such as olive oil, salmon and nuts provides your body with essential fatty acids that it cannot produce on its own.

Enjoying rich, dark chocolate (in moderation) provides your body with flavanoids, which help to protect skin from harmful UV rays.

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8. Opt for Natural Skin Care Products

Have you looked at the label of that miracle cream that you are slathering across your face? If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, how can you be sure that using the product actually benefits your skin? There is no need to set up a cosmetics counter in your kitchen unless that is what you are into.

But whenever you have the choice between two equally effective products – one with natural ingredients and the other loaded with complex chemical compounds, consider going natural.

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9. Banish Stress

Excess stress kicks the production of a hormone called cortisol into overdrive. Cortisol does nasty things like train your middle to store fat like a miser.

Excess levels of cortisol are also linked to acne breakouts. If you are facing unavoidable stress, take the time to give your skin extra loving care to minimize the possible harm from cortisol.

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10. Kick the Habit

Smoking is one of the most destructive habits you could possibly have. If you want to minimize the effects of aging, not to mention your risk of developing lung cancer, step away from the cigarette pack. There are a number of over-the-counter stop smoking products available.

If you are really hooked, an appointment with a physician or a therapist may be in order. It also goes without saying that if you don’t smoke, don’t start.

It’s important to take care of your skin every day. This way, your skin will look beautiful, healthy and acne free. Do you know some other vital everyday skincare tips? Share your tips with us please.