How I Turned My Lack of Motivation into Successful Feats


Being lazy is one of the things I am an expert at. I am so good at being lazy that it overtakes my motivation. I always have good intentions and aspirations to accomplish many things, but the lack of motivation settles in, and I resort back to my laziness.

However, this summer, I have found the key to turning my lack of motivation into successful feats. Here is what I have learned.

1. I needed to determine what I truly wanted in order to decide what I was motivated to do

It is easy to know why you do not want to do something, but sometimes determining what your reasons are for doing something can be a little vague. I needed to dig deep into the recesses of my heart and mind to determine what I truly wanted rather than fixating on the reasons why I failed at it before.

I found that I was spending too much time beating myself up when I did not reach that goal I was striving for. My focus needed to be redirected.

2. I created a vision board

I have created vision boards before of things I wanted, and they are nice to look at, but they do not motivate me. They actually do the opposite by reminding me of the things I do not have.

So, I repurposed the idea of a vision board and went with creating one with the feelings I wanted rather than the things I wanted. This was what had been hidden in my heart that I needed to pull out and put in front of me daily.

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3. I took small steps to accomplish big tasks

I was also able to reflect on my past failures by realizing I was trying to do too much and become overwhelmed. I found a program that worked for me by breaking down my tasks into very small steps.

Each day I was given a task that was not overwhelming but accomplishable. In one month, I have decluttered my living room, kitchen, and master bedroom just by taking very small steps each day.

4. The rewarding feeling was worth it all

The feeling I got from completing the small daily tasks motivated me to continue the next day and the day after until the entire project was finished. It felt good not to have a sink full of dishes every day or piles of papers lying around the house cluttering my space and my mind. Checking each step of the task off my list gave me such a sense of fulfillment and success.

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5. I was able to take pride in my accomplishments

After finding the key to my motivation and the feeling of success I could take pride in the fact that I was able to do what I have always dreamed of doing but had not been able to do until then. Pride also produced more motivation for me, which led to more success.

That is all I needed to change my lazy motivation into successful feats. Hopefully, this will help those of you who lack motivation like I did.