10 Reasons to Pamper Yourself Monthly


You take care of everyone’s needs but hardly give a thought to yourself. While your unselfishness is admirable it is not necessarily wise. In fact, you may be doing yourself and everyone around you a disservice by failing to pamper yourself on a regular basis.
You don’t have to become a narcissist, but pampering yourself should be more than an afterthought – self-indulgences should be high on your “must do” list. Here are a few reasons to pamper yourself monthly.

1. Immunity Booster

Massages feel wonderful and incredibly self-indulgent. But even beyond their sensual pleasure, massages also provide a number of health benefits, including a boost to your immune system.

The gentle pressure of a massage enables your lymphatic system to drain wastes and bacteria from your system. As a result, your immune system has more of a fighting chance to fight off cold and flu bugs that might otherwise lay you low.

2. Improved Sleep

Do you fall asleep quickly but have difficulty staying asleep? Pampering yourself with a massage may provide a cure.  Besides reducing muscle tension, massage can change your hormonal levels so that you achieve deeper relaxation.

Massage therapy has also been linked to increased delta wave activity in the brain. Delta waves are associated with deep, restful sleep that allows you to awake refreshed and revitalized.

3. Clearer Skin

Do you suffer from adult acne? A facial administered by a licensed esthetician could be a key to achieving clear skin. Facials remove dead skin cells and clear clogged pores that result in breakouts.

Paring a facial with a dermabrasion, chemical peel or laser treatment can accelerate the skin turnover process that ultimately results in clearer skin. And while it is true that over-the-counter facial and dermabrasion treatments are available, the ingredients are not nearly as potent as those that are available to professionals.

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4. A  Break from Hard Work

You may not feel ill or have aches and pains, but you just feel drained. Human beings are not meant to engage in endless toil with breaks only for sleep and eating.

Failure to give yourself a break in the form of self pampering can cause you to make mistakes that you might not otherwise make – simply because your brain is functioning at less than optimal capacity. If you allow yourself to take down time and recharge your batteries, you will often find that the quality of your work is also improved as a result.

5. Recognition for Facing Challenges

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary.  If you finally found the will to leave a toxic relationship or clear away the possessions of a loved one who has passed away, you may know that you have done the right thing, but you may also be feeling anxiety or perhaps even fear. Pampering yourself with a familiar reward can take a bit of the fear away, and allow you to take those next scary steps.

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6. Confidence Booster

The saying “when you look good, you feel good” bears a lot of truth. Allowing yourself the indulgence of a professional manicure, a new hairdo or even just a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant can put a spring in your step. Knowing that your appearance is polished can give you the extra boost of confidence that you need to ask for that raise that you deserve or request that your partner take on more of the household chores.

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7. Alleviation of Depression

If you suffer from serious depression or have thoughts of self-harm, you should seek the services of a therapist or psychiatrist. But if you’re suffering from a mild case of “the blues,” massage therapy may be able to help.

Besides being associated with harmful abdominal fat, high levels of cortisol may also result in feelings of depression. Merely receiving care and attention in the form of physical touch lowers your body’s levels of stress and cortisol, thereby relieving mild symptoms of depression.

8. Chronic Pain Relief

If you’re popping pills every day because of a bad back or shoulders that always seem to be stiff and sore, a massage may allow you to cut back on the number of pills you take. Swedish massage and so-called sports massage are both excellent means of addressing the source of sore muscles.

Swedish massage gently eases away pain while sports massage provides targeted attention to those areas of the body that cause you problems. In some cases, massage may relieve pain so effectively that pills are no longer needed.

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9. Reward for Goal Accomplishment

You finally lost those last ten pounds or you finished that home improvement project that has been hanging over your head forever.  Congratulations! Allow yourself a moderate amount of self pampering as a reward.

You can also use pampering as an incentive while you are pursuing long-term goals, such as allowing yourself to watch an episode of your favorite TV show after you’ve finished researching a report, and having a drink with a friend when you put a final wrap on the report.

10. Increased Caregiving Capacity

As a caregiver to an elderly or chronically ill loved one, you expend a lot of physical and emotional energy. Add the duties of caregiving to a demanding job and you have the formula for serious burnout.

If you are a primary caregiver to another person, you owe it to yourself to pamper yourself on a regular basis, if only to ensure that you have the necessary physical and emotional resources to carry out your caregiving duties. Reminding yourself that you’re indulging in a massage, a facial or even a night out with your friends to ensure that you are there for your mom or your disabled son should alleviate any feelings of selfishness you might have.

There are many important reasons why you should pamper yourself at least once a month. After all, you deserve a little pampering now and again, ladies.

How often do you pamper yourself? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.