10 Reasons to Pamper Yourself Monthly


You take care of everyone’s needs but hardly give a thought to yourself. While your unselfishness is admirable it is not necessarily wise. In fact, you may be doing yourself and everyone around you a disservice by failing to pamper yourself on a regular basis.
You don’t have to become a narcissist, but pampering yourself should be more than an afterthought – self-indulgences should be high on your “must do” list. Here are a few reasons to pamper yourself monthly.

1. Immunity Booster

Massages feel wonderful and incredibly self-indulgent. But even beyond their sensual pleasure, massages also provide a number of health benefits, including a boost to your immune system.

The gentle pressure of a massage enables your lymphatic system to drain wastes and bacteria from your system. As a result, your immune system has more of a fighting chance to fight off cold and flu bugs that might otherwise lay you low.