11 Great Foods to Eat to Relieve Pain


Pain is a terrible feeling that makes us suffer greatly. It comes in different forms like toothache, headache, muscle pain, or it even can be chronic. When we have pain, we can’t concentrate on our work, studies, and other important things in our life. That’s why we always search for efficient ways to combat pain and improve our health.

Numerous drugs help us soothe our pain, but they are full of harmful chemicals. For this reason, it would be much better if we use a natural remedy to fight pain. Here is the list of some healthy foods that are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Try to add them to your diet whenever you feel pain in your body, which will certainly help you.

1. Cherries

Aspirin is the most popular medicine we take to reduce pain and inflammation. However, there is a wonderful natural substitute for this drug. According to the latest research, cherries are considered even more effective than aspirin when it comes to pain. A pure cherry extract is the best thing you can use for this purpose. But what can be better and more delicious than a bowl of fresh cherries? Don’t miss your opportunity to eat this sweet and wholesome fruit, and you’ll forget about your pain.

2. Ginger

It is a well-known fact that ginger helps us treat an upset stomach. Plus, you’ll be surprised to discover that this food is perfect when you need to combat pain. Ginger is also extremely beneficial for athletes who often suffer from muscle aches. Make sure you consume at least 500 milligrams of ginger daily, and you’ll soon get rid of unpleasant feelings.

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3. Turmeric

Turmeric is mostly added as a flavoring to various dishes. We don’t know much about its health benefits, but scientists say it’s really amazing. Regular consumption of this food will help you prevent cancer and inflammations that may lead to constant pain in some parts of your body. If you like drinking tea, you should try one of the tastiest beverages made of lemon, honey, and turmeric. This yummy drink is a fantastic way to ease your pain.

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4. Salmon

When we look for some fish to cook exquisite dishes, salmon is usually the preferable choice. Being packed with healthy fats, salmon is good for our body and our brain as well. It contains omega 3 fats that are necessary for your body to function well and relieve pain. Moreover, by eating this natural product, you will easily cope with such problems as swelling.

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5. Celery

Another food that works wonders for your health is celery. I recommend you to include this vegetable into your eating plan since it is an enormous source of apigenin that can be a nice solution when you have pain and swelling. There is a wide range of recipes we can follow to cook this salubrious food. As for me, I give preference to fresh juice, which I make in my juicer. This way, I can get all the nutrients and vitamins in celery, and it doesn’t take me much time. Plus, this is a nice ingredient for your soup.

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6. Olive Oil

We can hardly imagine cooking without oil. Whether you make some salad or fry potatoes, you will need this product. Nowadays we have a big choice of oils that are available at most supermarkets. Nevertheless, olive oil is thought to be the best one. In addition, this fatty substance will ease your pain in no time.

It is rather tangy in comparison with other oils, so you can take a small slice of bread, sprinkle it with olive oil, and eat as a pain-reliever. Among other properties of olive oil is its ability to reduce the risk of cancer.

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7. Cayenne

Everybody knows food like chilly, and cayenne is another hot pepper. They both are high in capsaicin, which is generally used as the basic ingredient for pain killers. If you feel discomfort caused by muscle injuries, use some ointment or cream with cayenne to massage your body. It really works!

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8. Walnuts

This healthy food has immense benefits. First of all, walnuts are full of omega 3 fats that positively impact our body. Secondly, it is a tasty and nutritious snack that you can eat during the break at your workplace. Eat these nuts regularly to help your body recover from different sports injuries.

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9. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds will provide your body with a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids that are equally found in salmon. As a rule, these seeds are eaten in combination with other foods. For instance, you may sprinkle them on cereal or mix with yogurt, and it will be a good breakfast for you. Flax seeds will allow you to enjoy a new taste of your favorite foods, and what is more important will help you overcome pain.


10. Cinnamon

It would be fair to say that cinnamon is one of the most flavorous spices that we add to various desserts, pastries, and drinks. Exquisite taste is not the only advantage of cinnamon, and it is also considered to reduce inflammations. Enjoy the tastiest foods with cinnamon, and you will definitely benefit from them, especially if you have chronic headaches.

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11. Sage

Sage is a herb with endless healing properties. To combat pain successfully, you can make a deliciously refreshing tea with sage leaves. Just brew it up in boiling water. It has been medically proven that sage helps to enhance our memory. A high concentration of flavonoids makes this plant one of the greatest natural remedies for relieving pain and swellings.

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I’m convinced that some of these foods can be really helpful for you when you experience pain in your body. Don’t get upset, and keep in mind that you will recover by all means. When you need to fight pain, get rid of discomfort, eat some wholesome foods, and relax. Have you ever used food to relieve pain? Do you know any other foods that may help fight pain?