6 Useful Tips for Overcoming Internet Addiction


Internet makes our lives easier. It allows you to communicate with friends, relatives or business partners online. You can also shop online. Internet helps you save time and get a lot of knowledge. Internet can be both harmful and helpful, it depends on how you use it. If you think that you’re addicted to the Internet, check out some tips for breaking free from this habit.

1. Are you really addicted to the Internet?

It’s important to find out if you really are an Internet addict. Determine how much time you spend online each week. If you spend no more than 10 hours on the Internet in a week then you’re not addicted to it. If you spend 11 to 15 hours on the Internet you’re not addicted yet. You’re addicted to the Internet if you surf it for 16 to 25 hours in a week. And if you surf the Internet for 26 and more hours in a week you’re extremely addicted to it. For people who work 8 hours a day in their office these statistics aren’t valid.

2. Imagine your life without the Internet

This is really significant step to help you to overcome Internet addiction. Sit back and imagine that the Internet doesn’t even exist. Start treating it as a non-living thing that somehow makes your life easier. Don’t make the Internet the heart of your life! Back up the important information you’ve uploaded on the Internet and you’ll feel safer. This can help you overcome a fear of losing your stuff.

3. Plan your day

Create a daily schedule and try to stick with it. Assign time for household chores, watching TV, reading, workout, cooking, work, etc. Don’t forget to assign time for going to a park with your family or friends. You will have less time for the Internet.

4. Take a day off from the Internet

Take a day off from the Internet and step out of the house! Don’t access the Internet from your phone. Call your friends, go out and have a lot of fun. Go to a mall or a beach, have a dinner and take a relaxing bubble bath, and you’ll feel better and lighter.

5. Take a vacation

Give yourself a break away from work and go for a vacation with your family or friends. At first it will be weird for you to stay out of touch from the Internet, but then you will enjoy the time without it. Make sure you don’t access the Internet from a cyber cafe or your phone. By the way, go somewhere far away… try Ukraine))) Here is some tips – 10 Cities to Visit on Your Ukrainian Vacation. Or check any other country in category Travel.

6. Meet your family and friends

The last way to overcome Internet addiction is to start meeting your family and friends very often. Don’t chat with them endlessly on the Internet. Leave your laptop and meet your dear ones in real life.

Do you have Internet addiction? How do you overcome it? Share your thoughts, please!