10 Cities to Visit on Your Ukrainian Vacation


Ukraine is a beautiful and culturally rich country filled with tourist attractions. A great number of spectacular cities, numerous picturesque little towns, breathtaking castles, fabulous seaside and majestic mountains are all undeniable reasons to visit Ukraine on your vacation. With so much to see, here are a few highlights worth checking out on your trip.

1. Kiev

First off, we have Kiev. As the capital of Ukraine, this city is an amazing blend of historic sites and modern city living. The past and present fuse together in an array of cultural attractions, such as the Dnieper River, the amusement park at Hidropark, and Andriyivskyy Descent, a street filled with the homes of many historic figures.

2. Lviv

Possibly the biggest cultural center in Ukraine, Lviv is next, filled with preserved ancient architecture. The Lviv High Castle, the highest point of the city, is of interest to many with its history of being destroyed and rebuilt. Finally, the Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet houses incredible performances that define the art.

3. Yalta

Turned into a holiday resort city in the 20th century, Yalta is perfect for you next visit. Home to many hotels and spas, with the Black Sea as a relaxing environmental backdrop. Yalta is also famously known for being the house of the Yalta Conference, where the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union met at the Lativia Palace to discuss the state of Europe at the conclusion on World War II.

4. Kharkiv

Kharkiv is known as the commercial center of Ukraine, as well as another must see. It is also home to a number of educational facilities, including the top 3 universities in the Ukraine.

Kharkiv is also home to four of Ukraine’s top soccer clubs. Finally, it houses a large European science fiction community, with many popular authors having resided and written their best works there.

5. Uzhgorod

The oldest city in Ukraine, Uzhhorod is home to many historical sites and a history buff’s dream. The most breathtaking of these sites is the Uzhhorod castle, which has been standing since the 9th century. Uzhhorod also contains the Zaporizhian Cossack Museum, a monumental national museum.

6. Chernihiv

Chernihiv is a religious center amongst Ukrainian cities. There are various religious sites to be seen here, such as Boryso Cathedral, Ukrainian Baroque Holy Trinity Monastery, St. Catherine’s Church, and more. Another fascinating site is the Antoniy Caves, where consists of passageways, galleries and chapels constructed from the 11th to 13th centuries.

7. Ivano-Frankivsk

A major agricultural center, Ivano-Frankivsk is fun for those who like to take in nature while on vacation. Ivano-Frankivsk has farms as far as the eye can see.

Ivano-Frankivsk also has beautiful natural scenery. Many resorts overlook the wondrous flowing mineral water.

8. Sevastopol

Another stop for the history lover is Sevastopol, a true historical gem featuring an ancient theater and a seaport which have both been preserved from their ancient Greek origins. The rest of the city is more modernized, having been rebuilt after World War II. Sevastopol also has a serious military background, with a military cemetery and a burial vault, as well as the Black Sea Fleet Museum and the Diorama Museum.

9. Simferopol

Simferopol is a city with extreme weather and fun for adventurous tourists who love the outdoors. During the summer, when temperatures can go as high as 115° F, visitors hit the outdoors to boat, swim, and horseback ride.

During the winter, when temperatures go as low as -20° F, visitors can embrace the cold by skiing and skating. For those who prefer staying indoors, there are restaurants and pubs.

10. Carpathian Mountains

Last, but not least we have one of the greatest attractions in Ukraine, the Carpathian Mountains. The Eastern portion of the range is almost entirely in the Ukraine. Here, visitors can find the Bukovel ski resort, one of the 20 largest ski resorts in the world.

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Whatever kind of tourist you are, there is something for you to do in the Ukraine. From skiing the Carpathian Mountains to watching a soccer game in Kharkiv, the beauty of the Ukraine is one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

Have you ever visited Ukraine?