5 Reasons to Choose Short-Stay Apartments in Kiev


Short-stay apartments in Kiev are most popular service in the tourism industry of Kiev. Consumers’ demand for such places of temporary accommodation is increasing constantly and hotels in Kiev have already begun to lose their leading position. So what is the reason for popularity of short-stay apartments? If you have to look a closer, you’ll detect a number of factors.

1. Comfortable stay

But when you rent apartments in Kiev you will feel yourself comfortable during your stay in the city as if you were at home.

2. Hotel does not correspond to the declared level of service

The hotel atmosphere is far from being pleasant with crowds of people running around. At the same time the service in the most of Kiev hotels does not correspond to the declared level and even if it does, then by a big stretch of imagination. The serviced apartments in Kiev are worth their price and often exceed it. Almost all apartments offered for a rent are in a perfect condition and perfectly equipped with all necessary for your comfortable stay with an ideal location whether your stay is for leisure or business.

3. Apartments always have a kitchen

In addition the apartments always have a kitchen where you can always cook your favorite dishes. This is especially important when you eat healthy or keep to some special diet. When staying in a hotel, you are limited by the menu of the restaurant and sometimes have practically no choice. In a hotel your room is always open to strangers – you might be disturbed any time by the room maid or some other people of the staff. In the rented apartment it is practically impossible.

4. No certain time of check-in and check-out

Unlike hotels in Kiev, the apartments do not stick to the certain time of check-in and check-out. In a hotel you must to pay at least for the room for the whole day, but when you are on a flying visit, you can easily find an apartment even for an hour or two via the Internet. Does it really make sense to pay more when there is a possibility of short-stay rental?

5. Short-stay apartments costs cheaper

Short-stay apartment costs cheaper for the guests of Kiev than a hotel room. Thus you can significantly cut your expenses this way. This difference in charges is especially clearly seen when you check into a hotel in a clique of three or four and have to pay for two rooms. And hotels in Kiev offer no discounts to travelers if you do not belong to the large group of tourists.

And finally if you stayed in a hotel, everybody could easily find out whether you had stayed here, when and in which room. Renting an apartment in Kiev guarantees a high level of privacy and confidentiality. So, as you can see, growing demand for short-stay apartments in Kiev is quite understandable. They satisfy the needs of clients much better. Certainly, tastes differ. Nobody tries to talk you into staying in an apartment. Some people really prefer hotels. It is up to you where to stay. And it was nothing but analyses of the current trend on the market of temporary accommodation in Kiev.