9 Simple Ways to Change your Beauty Rut


Don’t you ever bore with your everyday hairstyle, make-up or care for skin? Ladies, it’s spring! It’s time to change! Try something new and different! Read this 9 simple methods to change your beauty rut!

1. Use SPF

I’m sure, you know, that solar irradiation may cause the skin cancer. It is the reason of cancer deaths for women aged 20-29. That’s why every day use SPF30 to protect your skin from sun exposure. You’ll not only reduce your risk of skin cancer, but you’ll make your skin soft and beautiful for keeps!

2. Forget about hairdryer!

Using hairdryer and hair smoothing iron, you damage your hair. I want to advise you against using hairdryer and hair smoothing iron for a few days a week. Roll your hair in tower, weave it back, and let it air dry.

3. Experiment with new colors

Don’t you ever think how you would look like with red hair or with blue mascara? It’s time for experiments! The aim of changing your beauty rut is to do something different. Experiment with new colors! Whether it’s a new color of raincoat, like bright yellow, or a new color eye make-up, like bright blue, or a new hair color, like impassioned redhead.

4. Go inversely!

Last week I tried this, and while it was some disorganizing, it was actually a lot of pleasure! I did my full beauty rut inversely. One day I changed my skin care program, I did my hair first, then my make-up, starting with my eyes, then my skin. I know it sounds strange, but I tried it and felt some different.

5. Add something new

If you want to try some new outputs or beauty implements, do it! If you have possibilities, why not try it? It may be moisture cream, or new hair smoothing iron, or beautiful artificial lashes. Adding something new in your life can change your beauty rut!

6. Let someone to undergo your makeover

When I want to change my beauty rut, I ask my friend to undergo my makeover. She always works well with my hairstyle and my make-up, she knows what suits me well. So, if you have a trendy, state-of-the-art friend, ask her to undergo your makeover!

7. Change your hair part ways

It’s a easy way to make you look differently. Just part your hair on the left, on the right, or in the middle. Change your hair part ways, and you’ll be astonished!

8. Put a limit

I like to do it; this method helps me to change my daily beauty rut. I hope you too. For example, if you need about half an hour to get ready in the morning, put the limit to 15 minutes. In such way, you’ll see which products you may skip, and which are necessary in your make-up.

9. Try to be natural!

Sometimes, to change your beauty rut, try being natural. Be brave! Try to use only skin care, skip your make-up. If you like it, you may never return to full make-up again.

I hope these methods will help you to change your beauty rut. Which of these methods will you try first? Or maybe you have your own methods, share with us! It’s time to change, and I’d like to try new things!