10 Christmas Makeup Ideas


The holiday season means plenty of parties and festive cheer. You can add to it all by taking your makeup up a notch. Subdued and bold, classy and chic, holiday makeup is an essential part and complement to your dressing and hairdo.

Creating an unforgettable holiday makeup isn’t that difficult if you follow some helpful tips and tricks. If you’re heading to a Christmas party, why not enjoy a fun, holiday look? Take a look at the list of the most popular makeup looks for Christmas.

1. Frost-kissed

Adding a festive shimmer to your look is the best way to bring a glow to your makeup for Christmas. Use white eyeliner and mascara to give your eyes a frosted look. For a more wondrous look, apply silver shimmering shades to the inner eye corners, under the eyebrows and under your lower lids.

It will make your eyes visually larger and more appealing. Add a little bit of blue tint to your eyelids and you have a wintry look that will go with just about any outfit for any occasion. Finish off your frost-kissed look with a subtle rosy blush.

2. Bold lips

Bright, strong lips are the perfect accessory for a festive party. Grab some red or burgundy lipstick and liner to show off your lips. The rest of your makeup can remain fairly muted, since the focus is all on the mouth. Bold colors match all complexions, but it’s important to choose the color depending on your skin tone.

Tanned women should opt for crimson, chocolate or even violet colors, while all shades of pink and fuchsia will enhance the beauty of fair-skinned women. Opt for matte long-wearing formulas so that your makeup could stay flawless during the whole night.

3. Gold and glitter

Christmas often conjures up images of golden lights. You can reproduce this on your face. Go for a subtle look with a light dusting of gold shimmer dust, or use gold eyeliner and shadow to really make your eyes pop for the holiday season.

Try to apply golden glitter to make your eyes really stand out. To begin with, cover your skin with gel so that glitter can stick to it. Use an applicator to apply the glitter all over your upper lids, lashes and under the lower lids.

Remove the residues by dabbing your skin gently with a dry cotton ball. Bronzer or golden highlighter will complete your evening look.

4. Silver beauty

Leave your lips simple with a nude lip gloss and bring out the eyes with heavy mascara, dark eyeliner and a brush of silver over your lids. This barely-there metallic look is ideal for more casual occasions, such as a family dinner or work.

You can add an allover shimmer if you like to bring out the silver a little. For a more dramatic and festive look, don’t be afraid to experiment with eye shadows. Silver goes perfectly well with a wide range of colors such as teal, green and purple.

5. Rich spice

When it comes to Christmas, you probably think of hot chocolate, pumpkin pie and all the rich, delicious meals that are so popular this time of year. Reflect your love of spice on your face with cocoa eye shadow, cinnamon blush and natural brown lipstick.

Blend it all together to create the perfect holiday look. Such a subtle and warm color scheme works best with dark-skinned women, but sometimes brown shadows can marge with brown eyes. To avoid this try to add a touch of silver or any other bright color to the center of your upper lids.

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6. Colorful

Are you tired of the same old looks for the season? Try something a little more colorful this year. Blocky color around the eyes is a big hit and can add a lot of punch to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

While this is definitely a party girl look, you’ll enjoy the heads you turn. Choose a bright color like turquoise, red or hot pink to really catch people’s attention.

Don’t overlook colored smoky eye makeup this holiday season. Mauve and purple palettes are undeniable favorites of this winter and they can enhance your beauty regardless of your eye color or complexion. Colorful makeup is usually more obliging, so make sure that the color scheme matches your overall outfit.

7. Classic beauty

If you are not interested in any of the makeup ideas, opt for a classic look. Pink lipstick, light mascara and a little shadow and blush are really all you need to look pretty and innocent.

It’s a good look for a Christmas party and you really can’t go wrong with it. One of the undoubted advantages of wearing a natural makeup is that it’s easy to apply and it’s absolutely unpretentious. Thus, you don’t have to rack your brains trying to match your makeup with clothes and hairdo.

8. Naked face

No one said you have to be fancy to go out. Try going with the naked look instead of slathering on the makeup. Nude makeup is not about avoiding any cosmetics at all; it’s about hiding all the imperfections and setting off your advantageous features. Nude makeup requires skillfulness and mastery not to overdo it.

Avoid using a heavy coat of foundation and powder. Instead, you can use a little concealer to cover up any spots and a clear or nude lip gloss to add some shine, but keep it simple.

If you don’t want to go with bare eyes, apply a little mascara to your upper lashes only. This is a great way to do your face for a family reunion.

9. Coppertone

Like the metallic look, but just can’t pull off silver or gold? Copper gives you a warmer option and can be focused on one area of the face or applied to eyes, lips and cheeks. Copper is a versatile makeup color that enables you to create a monochromatic look.

Look for the copper toned makeup that works for the feature you want to highlight and go to town. All shades of copper create a great contrast with green and blue eyes, and enhance the warmth of brown eyes.

This look usually goes best with a simple mascara and nothing else to break the continuity. Copper is the right choice for a late-night party or celebration at work.

10. Bejeweled

Deck the halls and your face. Go with a simple makeup look and then add some stick on rhinestones for extra sparkle. You should clean your face thoroughly to remove excess oil and cosmetics and let it dry.

To apply rhinestones to your face, you’ll need adhesive, tweezers and sparkling rhinestones. When you finish with applying rhinestones, crystals or sequins, you can proceed to the next step of your festive makeup. This can be a fun look for a concert or party, but it’s probably overkill for heading to the office.

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Get in the Christmas spirit this year with festive makeup. It isn’t difficult to transform your face into a fun, holiday look.

All you need is a little inspiration and some time. With the aforementioned makeup looks you won’t find it difficult to create an outstanding look for a family reunion, late-night party or a celebration with your colleagues.

What do you think of this list of the most popular makeup looks for Christmas?