10 Ways to Green Your Beauty Routine


The green movement is everywhere and your beauty regimen should be no exception. You can help sustain the planet and also include some natural products designed to enhance your beauty in safe, non-toxic ways. Give these tips a try and see how beautiful a green beauty routine can be while you help safeguard the planet.

1. Less Frequent Showering

Some people actually take a couple showers each day. This results in a lot of consumed water. While an after-work-out shower is a necessity, try to cut back on your water consumption. Do you need to shower every day, even on days when you’re hanging out at home? If you do need that shower to get you going and to feel fresh, cut your shower time in half. Moreover, you don’t want to wash your hair every day and shouldn’t. Over-washing strips your hair of its protective oils. So cut back on the hair-washing and shower time for a green bathing routine.