7 Ways Teenagers Can Show Their Appreciation on Father’s Day


Teenagers aren’t children anymore so drawing dad a crayon picture of the family for Father’s Day isn’t as appropriate as it was years ago. While teens aren’t yet adults, taking dad out to lunch might not also be the most appropriate way to show him how much you appreciate him. Instead, try these simple ways to show your father how much he means to you on Father’s Day that are just right coming from a teenager.

1. Books and movies

If your father has a particular genre of movie he likes to watch, pick out a movie from this category and sit down with him to watch it. Does he like to read? Perhaps an ebook reader is in order. Many fathers appreciate being entertained by a good story and it’s all the more fun if he has someone to share it with.

2. Hobbies

Does your dad like fishing, woodworking, or mechanics? Offer to help him in his shop or go with him out on the lake. He’d probably appreciate the help and the quality time together. Is he more of an indoor dad? If he prefers computer coding, try learning his favorite programming language and ask for his help when you get stuck on something. He might enjoy helping you with the challenge.

3. Time

Most fathers don’t get a lot of time off. Instead of surrounding him with friends and family and food on Father’s Day, give him some peace. Let him lounge around in comfortable clothes and lose himself in an activity he enjoys.

4. Decorate his office

If you know someone at his workplace, bring some decorations to your father’s office to celebrate Father’s Day and remind him what a great dad he is. It wouldn’t be remiss to leave a letter on his desk putting it all into words.

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5. Gesture

Whether you tell your dad how much you appreciate him through a hug, a note, some simple words, or a card, just tell him. Letting your dad know how much you love him and appreciate having him for a father on Father’s Day can be one of the best possible gifts to receive. It’s especially true during those awkward teenage years when some teenagers forget to appreciate their family members and end up feeling embarrassed by them every now and then.

6. Car

If your dad loves his car (and many fathers do), get it cleaned and detailed as a pleasant surprise. It’s not a gift he’s going to have to keep or put anywhere special. It’s not meant to last forever, nor does it tax his time or energy. It’s simply a present to help make his life a little easier… a little better. And what dad doesn’t want that on Father’s Day?

7. Enjoy time together

Father’s Day is a wonderful occasion to have lots of fun with your dad. Consider playing football, baseball or even golf. If Father’s Day will be a rainy day this year, bowling might be a good idea. No matter what you decide to do, make sure you and your dad have loads of fun.

Father’s Day is all about showing your dad how much you appreciate and love him. There are many ways to do that. I just mentioned a few ways, but I’m sure you have some other creative ideas to celebrate Father’s Day when you are a teen. What are you going to do on Father’s Day to show your dad you appreciate him?