10 Wonderful Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day with Your Family


Father’s Day is one of those holidays that we celebrate with our family. Nowadays it becomes more and more popular. This holiday is dedicated to our fathers who are very important to us. On this special day children usually show how much they love and respect their dads. If you want to make this Father’s Day more interesting and unforgettable you should involve your family members into some fun activities. I recommend you to try the following ideas in order to bring together fathers and children and add cheerful atmosphere to the holiday. Have a wonderful time with your family!

1. Go Bowling

I think bowling is a splendid idea for Father’s Day. This entertainment will fit everyone’s taste regardless of age and interests. Little kids will get a big pleasure from this activity. Bowling is a nice solution when the weather is rainy and you can’t go outside.

2. Play Golf or Mini Golf

In case your father has good skills in playing golf, it will be the right choice for him. You can be sure that dad and kids will enjoy an afternoon game of golf. Definitely, it would be better to play mini golf if your kids are not acquainted with this game. Dad will have a great opportunity to teach the kids how to play this game. As a result, everybody will be satisfied with the time spent together.

3. Go for a Bike Ride

Riding a bike is a perfect amusement for those who tend to lead a healthy lifestyle and like adventures. Father and children can go for a bike ride around the park and have fun there. By choosing a forest as a location, you will make this bicycle trip even more exciting.

4. Go Out for a Baseball Game

Without a doubt, baseball is the most preferable game in America. Lots of people watch a baseball game on TV or go to the stadium and support their favorite team. So, look for a minor league in your community and attend this ball game with your kids. Perhaps, you’ll be lucky enough to find a professional baseball game.

5. Go Fishing

Everybody knows that fishing is the best pastime for the majority of men and your father is no exception. What can be more pleasurable and relaxing than casting a line with the kids and admiring beautiful natural landscapes? Besides, fishing rods for children are rather cheap, so you’ll be able to spend Father’s Day without huge expenses.

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6. Take a Hike

Taking a hike is another way to enjoy this holiday with your family. This outdoor activity will give you a chance to breathe fresh air and do physical exercises at the same time. That’s why hiking is healthy for you and your kids. Search for a walking trail that will be suitable for all family including your little ones. If they get tired quickly, dad will have to carry them.

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7. Visit a Historic Site

Probably your father is interested in history or he is a veteran, then you should organize a visit to historic site for him. It won’t be a problem to find a war memorial or history museum in your town. Moreover, you can have a picnic in the nearest park after visiting a historic site.

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8. Play Catch

Sometimes even your father wants to feel like a child. Why not give him such an opportunity? Play a game of catch in your backyard with the kids and bright emotions are guaranteed to you. A family barbecue can be a nice addition to this activity.

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9. Watch a Film

To my mind, it is the most affordable way to celebrate Father’s Day. All you need is just to take a family film, cook tasty dinner and relish this pleasant evening with those you love.

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10. Build Something

Playing is not the only thing that father can do together with children. For example, he can create something and the kids will help him in this. If dad is fond of making things out of wood, it will be an excellent option to build a birdhouse together with a child. For small kids it can be difficult to use tools, therefore, they can participate in decorating things.

The main idea of Father’s Day is to express our great love to him and there are so many ways to do that. In order to please your dad you can buy a present for him or make it with your hands, but nothing can substitute happiness and good mood from those moments when you spend time together. I hope that these ideas will be useful for you and you will have only the happiest memories after this Father’s Day. If you know any other interesting ways to celebrate this holiday, please, share your ideas with us.