7 Bright Summer Party Ideas


For most of us summer is the most pleasurable and desirable season of the year. It is a wonderful time when we have vacations, go to the seaside or other picturesque places, enjoy sunny weather and have open-air parties.

Meeting with friends always brings us joy and happiness. Barbecue is usually the most preferable choice for a summer rave-up.

However, it would be nice to try something new and interesting instead. Today it has become popular to throw themed parties that are very funny and memorable.

For this you need to prepare special food, decorations and clothing that should be suitable to your theme. So, if you want to impress your friends next time when you get together, keep in mind the following themes that may be used for your summer party.

1. Mexican Fiesta

This party is a great opportunity to plunge into Mexican culture just in your backyard. You are supposed to regale your guests with exotic Mexican dishes. Get ready to use a lot of cilantro and lime for this occasion.

Make sure to include grilled chicken, salsa dips and tacos into your menu. Sure, Margarita is the top beverage that will represent Mexican theme at the party. Think of some games in order provide cheerful atmosphere for this meeting.

2. Barbecue

Barbecue is the most popular idea for summer parties. We can’t imagine this hot season without barbecue. It is generally associated with grilled burgers, baked beans, potatoes and other vegetables, and certainly juicy watermelon, which is the best dessert in summer. To accomplish your theme you can make Western-style decorations and ask your friends to wear cowboy hats and boots.

3. Frozen Delights

It will be an excellent option for hot summer weather. This party theme requires cold and frozen desserts like milkshakes, juice, ice cream and various fruits.

All these delicious treats will help your guests feel cool while they have fun. The only rule you should stick to is to keep the food in the fridge until you start eating. Otherwise your delights will melt before you taste them.

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4. Nautical Whimsy

To my mind, nautical theme is the perfect idea for summer parties. First of all, it will enable you to display all your imagination and creativity. You are free to decorate the party location the way you like.

Certainly, seafood must be the main attraction of your party. For example, fish sticks, shrimp bites and crab cakes are just a few dishes that you can offer your friends.

Don’t forget to keep them in an open seafood bar and your guests will eat as much as they want. If you live near the seaside you’ll be able to throw an unforgettable nautical party.

5. Bonfire Weenie Roast

When preparing a party you should take into account the fact that everybody is busy at work or at classes till evening. Thus, it would be reasonable to start this themed party no earlier than at 8 pm.

But if you really intend to relax, you’d better plan your get-together for the weekend. This way you will avoid worries about the work that is waiting for you next day so that you can stay out till late time.

6. Breakfast for Dinner

The major idea of this party theme is to eat breakfast foods for dinner, even though it seems strange. I should say that this themed party is easy to arrange, especially when it comes to cooking.

All you need is to provide some breakfast foods like egg casseroles and hash brown that can be also mixed with a few dinner dishes. Your attempts to spend a nice summer evening in an unconventional way will be highly appreciated.

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7. Dessert Bar

It is considered that only kids are crazy about sweets, however, yummy desserts will be a splendid decision for an adult summer party as well. Some treats you can make yourself beforehand such as biscuits, cakes and buns.

Your guests will bring their favorite delights which they can either buy or cook at home and then you’ll share your recipes eagerly. You’ll have a wide range of desserts to treat your friends with. Since there will be a big number of sweet products on your table, you should avoid sugary drinks and give preference to fresh juice or herbal tea.

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Summer parties are fantastic because you can host them outdoors. That means you’ll admire the nature’s beauty around you, breath fresh air, enjoy the company of your friends and more importantly there will be no mess in your home. If you can’t wait to throw a summer party and please your friends, these awesome ideas for themed parties will be helpful for you.

Have you ever had a themed party in summer? Which of the above ideas do you find the most interesting?