10 Tips for People Who Don’t Celebrate Christmas


Christmas is a magnificent time and you lose too much when you omit the celebration, especially when you have children. Typically, they love this holiday very much and they will ask you hundreds of questions why your family doesn`t celebrate Christmas like others.

Preparing for Christmas celebration is always a challenge, as well as the parenting role in general. So here are some tips to persuade you change the attitude towards Christmas.

1. Think of how much you love your family

Focus on how much you love your family and kids as they are the most important thing in your life. Christmas is mainly a family holiday and as a rule all the relatives get together under one roof even if they live far away from each other. So show all you love and deep affection to your close people and you`ll see these feelings returned.

2. Present gift as a way of expression love

Presents usually clearly display how you care for another person that`s why giving presents is a good way to display your love and it makes you feel happier. The price means nothing here, it is only about your sincerity and open heart.

Just imagine how your kids will get surprised when they receive unexpected presents from you. Your actions mean more than words.

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3. The main reason of Christmas

It is a very important holiday for Christians because they believe that that was a holy day when the Son of God was born. Jesus Christ has given the priceless gift of salvation to everyone, me, you, your family.

However this day has lost its religious implication for many people, it remains a holiday of love, family, unity, kindness and all of the good which is to be valued in our lives.

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4. Stay open minded

Celebrating Christmas is a very old tradition and though it is very much connected with religion, people who don`t go to church regularly celebrate it with great pleasure. So it is important to be flexible and be ready to accept some new tendencies and to start new traditions in your family. As you can see the traditional Christmas celebration has been changing from decade to decade.

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5. Skip the commercial aspect

Even without proper celebration you can feel and enjoy that unique Spirit of Christmas. So don`t let the commercial aspect spoil your holiday.

You as parents and your kids may be rather confused by it. Any celebration is connected with commercial aspect but I`m sure that it shouldn`t boil down only to it.

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6. Don`t forget about other relatives and your friends

Don`t forget to congratulate your relatives and friends with Christmas no matter how you are going to celebrate it. Whether it will be a quiet dinner in your family circle or visiting friends, it is up to you to decide how to spend this special day. Just remember that they need you as much as you need them to be by your side.

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7. Have you forgotten about Santa?

All kids love Santa Claus because they know his unique mission to bring presents. Do some research together with your kids to find out about the role of Santa Claus in the Christmas period and in the native folklore.

You will be surprised how many facts you don` t know and how many will become cleared out. You and your children will enjoy reading Christmas stories, listening songs and of course decorating the Christmas tree. They all create that magic spirit of Christmas.

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8. Add some good food

When all the people around you are gathering together at the festive dinner, why don`t you do the same? The Christmas dinner is always special and unlike others.

There is no better to get together and have a sincere talk over a delicious food. A few delicious meals on your table will surely add a positive note to your dinner.

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9. Christmas church services

Christians treat this holiday as the most important one during the year so they prepare for it well and of course have a special church service on such a day. Try to attend it in your local church. It will definitely change your views on many things and it will be useful for you to meet new interesting people.

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10. Spend some time with Christmas celebrators

As you spent time with those people who celebrate Christmas they will infect you with that usual Christmas rush. You`ll learn much new information about how it is possible to celebrate it and how fantastic it is really is. Moreover these people will be surely very glad to invite you to their celebration not out of politeness but because they really would like to see you with them on such a day.

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Nothing can be compared with the joy, happiness and that special spirit of Christmas so you should celebrate it, no matter how you choose to do it. As you feel that festive atmosphere once you won`t be able to reject it ever again.