9 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle and Become Happier and Fitter


The summer is over, the Nature slowly falls to sleep and we all become a little passive in these cold autumn days. There are numerous ways for you not to hibernate but keep healthy lifestyle and stay active. Wrapping in a warm soft blanket and enjoying delicious fall foods while it is raining outside is very tempting. But we need some motivation to keep fit and be healthy. So here are some tips for you to make this cold season a challenge.

1. Rewards

Receiving a reward after achieving some goal is a great motivation. So why not trying it? Moreover, it is so pleasant! Tell yourself that you should do your morning exercises for two weeks and if you fulfill the promise, invent a reward. It can be going to a beauty salon, visiting a cinema or anything you like. It is a very effective way, and with proper motivation you`ll definitely succeed.

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2. A routine

Now I`m going to speak about exercise routine in particular. Regular exercises will ensure your healthy lifestyle. I`m all for morning exercises as it charges you with energy for the whole day, which means you remain creative, initiative, etc., while others go through autumn depression. The most difficult thing is to get up 15 minutes earlier and leave your warm and comfy bed in a cool morning. But a small fiat of will and it becomes a habit after about two weeks of regular training. It should not be a hard workout but just a bit of physical activity to wake you up completely.

3. Competitions

The atmosphere of competition is a good and effective motivator for you to achieve your goal. You may compete with friends or co-workers, create a sport`s team if you don`t have one yet, or sign up for a race. You have a long list of possibilities. A desire to win always mobilizes all the efforts to succeed, so I think you should consider this variant as well.

4. Tips and advices

Contemporary world is an open source of information. You can get tips about anything by various ways: subscribe to a magazine, find an appropriate site online, watch TV programs, etc. They all provide useful information, which you may not know. When you start your workout program, you may follow some people in social networks, on Twitter. They offer many interesting projects such as Healthy Foods, Fitness Motivator or Daily Health.

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5. Support network

As a rule, doing something together is more pleasant and inspiring than doing it alone. Did you notice that people rarely go to gym by themselves? Two people working on the same purpose is more effective. Two friends will go to the gym regularly as they control and motivate each other. Two friends will give up smoking sooner, keep eating healthy food all the time, etc. it is also a good motivation. In addition to that your partner experiences the same feeling and problems that you do, so you can talk about it and comfort each other. When you are not alone, you can do more.

6. Picture

Psychologists claim that visualization is also a good motivator. Paint a picture of a healthy and happy you, and take great pains to bring it to life. Seeing this picture every day will make you believe in your dream and will keep you in tonus, so you know why and what for you are doing this.

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7. Every little bit helps

You can add some physical exercises to your everyday routine. It is easier than you think! Take the stairs instead of elevator, leave your car not just in the shopping center, but so that you should walk from your car to the supermarket and from one shop to another, choose to go by foot instead of taking a bus or taxi. You see, it is not necessary to have equipment or special clothes to keep active and healthy.

8. 30 minutes or less

It is a common excuse “I don`t have enough time for it, so I won`t do it at all”. Forget this phrase forever! If you can allot only 30 minutes for your work out, it is fine. If you have 7 minutes, this is also enough. You can search for a 7 minutes workout online.

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9. Dog walking

Do you have a dog? Yes? Great! Your pet friend is always full of energy and loves walks. Having a dog means that you are to spend some time with him, playing and walking. If you don`t have one, well, you may offer your neighbor to walk his dog. Having such responsibilities and commitment is also quite motivating!

If you have a strong desire, there is nothing impossible. Use these tips to become more active, happy and healthy. Do you have some other ways of motivation? Share them with us!