7 Things I Wish Every Woman Knew about Healthy Lifestyle


Nowadays healthy lifestyle is one of the most popular topics that are much spoken about on the television, in magazines and we can often hear about it from our friends and colleagues. I should admit it sounds really great, but, unfortunately, most of us don’t actually realize what a healthy lifestyle stands for.

Today my health is my priority since only when I’m healthy I can be absolutely happy and enjoy all the blessings of this world. Just a few years ago, I didn’t focus much on my lifestyle, and it seemed that consuming vitamins and doing morning exercise was quite enough for me to be healthy. Everything changed when I made a new friend who was obsessed with the idea of a healthy lifestyle and eagerly followed the instructions and rules that helped her to stay positive, healthy, and beautiful.

When I saw the impressive results of her healthy way of life, I’d made the conscious decision to improve my health and the quality of my life either. I’ve read a lot of literature about healthy living and even visited dietarians who helped me to choose the most suitable diet and advised me on several daily habits that had a big impact on my overall health.

Now I can definitely say that living a healthy lifestyle requires much effort, though it’s worth it. It is about feeling well physically, mentally, and socially.

In order to be healthy, we need to keep to a balanced diet, hydrate our body, exercise regularly, avoid stress and incorporate some healthy habits into our everyday life. So, if you want to feel better, improve your condition and look more attractive, make sure you include the following crucial things into your daily routine.

1. Balanced diet gives you more energy

Eating a balanced diet is an indispensable part of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I try to stick to a nutritious eating plan with a variety of food groups like fruits, vegetables, lean meat, dairy products, and grains that are high in vitamins and fiber. By adding these foods to my daily menu, I get more energy, boost my physical performance and have a better mood.

One of the major rules I’ve learned about a healthy lifestyle is not to skip my breakfast because it is the most substantial meal of the day that provides me with energy for the whole day. I have never eaten in the morning before. Consequently, I often felt tired and sleepy at my workplace and consumed more food at lunch, leading to my weight gain.

Nowadays, I try to reduce my sugar and salt intake and avoid various junk foods that can be extremely harmful to my health. Considering that women are at higher risk of osteoporosis, doctors stress we should eat more calcium-rich foods on a regular basis.

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2. Water is the key to health and beauty

It’s not a secret that our body is made up of 70% water. Due to this fact, it plays a vital role in the body’s metabolism. I think you’ve heard enough about the necessity of drinking about 7 glasses of water a day in order to stay healthy and beautiful.

If your body lacks water, you’ll be subjected to various diseases, and it can even be the reason for your overweight. So, I recommend you hydrate your body daily, and you’ll be amazed with the final results.

I’ve tried different ways to control my weight and keep fit, but not all of them were effective to me. Nevertheless, I was lucky to find out a wonderful solution that helped me to consume less calories.

Once, I watched a TV program with my favorite actress, who shared the secrets of her beauty, and one of her healthy tips was drinking a glass of water before every meal. After that, I started to practice that habit regularly, and it turned out to be really beneficial to me as it makes me feel fuller, and I don’t eat as much as I did before. I also like to add a slice of lemon to water, and its sour flavor helps me to decrease food cravings.

3. The role of exercise is immense

When it comes to our health, the role of exercise can’t be overestimated. The lack of movement is one of those factors that may cause a number of health problems.

If your body is not used to physical activity, you can get tired easily, even with some simple tasks. Every medical expert will tell you that daily exercise is essential to healthy living. It has been medically proven that people who do regular exercises have more chances to strengthen their hearts, muscles, and bones.

For me, constant physical activity is a nice opportunity to keep my weight at healthy levels. I’ve been going to the gym for 3 years now, and I can say that my regular workouts have contributed greatly to my general well-being and lifestyle. I almost never catch a cold, have a better sleep at night, and it’s easy for me to be in good shape.

Furthermore, by exercising, I improve my mood since extra physical activity is known to promote the release of endorphins, the so-called “hormones of happiness.” Due to my busy schedule, I can’t go to the gym whenever I want.

These days I opt for some other activities that are good for my body and mind as well. For instance, I play with my daughter in the yard, walk around the local park, or do household chores.

4. Avoiding stress is important

We can hardly imagine our life without stressful situations. It seems they are waiting for us everywhere: at work, at home, and even in the street.

I’ve read a lot about the negative influence of high stress levels on our health, such as the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, poor immunity, high blood pressure, and mental disorders. Isn’t all this the reason for us to reduce our everyday stress and not to let it overtake us?

You might ask me how I manage to eliminate stress from my life. Surely, it was rather hard to control my thoughts, emotions and keep the balance between my inner world and environment.

There is a wide option of activities that I practice daily to reduce my stress. Spending time with my family, physical exercise, and gardening are the best things for me to renew my emotional state and feel good.

5. You can’t be healthy without getting enough sleep

Speaking about a healthy lifestyle, I can’t omit adequate sleep that is incredibly important to our physical and mental well-being. Getting enough sleep is one of the basic requirements for our body. When you sleep at least 7 hours a night, your body and brain get a chance to rest, rejuvenate and replenish energy for the next day so that you are able to perform all the necessary tasks.

I’m a busy woman, and sometimes getting healthy sleep can be a great luxury for me. As most women who have to take care of their families and work at the same time, I often suffer from sleep deprivation that leads to negative consequences.

I have noticed that lack of sleep makes me irritable, I feel exhausted throughout the day, and it also affects my immune system. In contrast to this, when I get regular and deep sleep, I can stay awake at my workplace, my mood is much better, I manage to control my appetite, and my face radiates freshness and beauty. Accordingly, I do my best to get healthy sleep, and my body is grateful for this.

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6. Fresh air makes you healthier

How much time do you usually spend outdoors during the day? Do you know that breathing fresh air and getting enough sunlight play an important role in your health, making you stronger and more persistent to various illnesses?

Once you’ve made up your mind to lead a healthy lifestyle, you should definitely add a few outdoor activities to your daily routine. Personally, I have no time to go outside on weekdays, and I’m worried about that because I can’t get the oxygen necessary for the proper work of my brain and cardiovascular system.

Despite all the work I have to fulfill each day, I’ve recently made some changes in my busy schedule, leaving time for such healthy outdoor activities as walking in the park with my daughter or getting to my work on foot instead of taking a bus. Spending more time outside enables me to reduce tension, anger and feel happier.

7. You should get rid of your addictions

Undoubtedly, every person has certain addictions like smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee, or excessive consumption of sweets. These unhealthy habits may increase your risk of different diseases and stress in the body.

Fortunately, I don’t smoke at all and don’t drink alcoholic beverages; nonetheless, I have one weakness in my life. I can’t live without sweets that can be dangerous to my waistline and influence my blood sugar. That’s why I try to control my daily intake of sweet products, limiting them to an absolute minimum. If you really care about your health, you should stop consuming alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and other toxic substances immediately!

You can see there are plenty of things you should know to lead a healthy lifestyle. Do you have any of these healthy habits on the list of your daily routines?

If you want to be healthy and positive, you need to start practicing them right now. By eating well, getting enough sleep, and staying active, I have changed my mind and body completely, and now I can enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Are there any other things you wish women knew about a healthy lifestyle?