9 Best Ways to Get Through a Day without Sleep


From time to time the days with little sleep happen to us. It is very hard to get out of the bed and go to work that requires being active, initiative and enthusiastic. What can we do if everything that is in our mind is to go back to sleep? Though it is extremely difficult to live through such a day there are a few ways to make it a little better, and probably your boss won`t notice your being like a sleepy fly. Here they are.

1. Drink caffeine

Take balanced doses of caffeine and it will help you get through such a hard day easier. But remember about moderation. Don`t drink the whole pot of coffee at once. Specialists say that a couple of cups throughout the day will be more than enough to keep you active all day long. Sure, if two cups is your usual dose of coffee for a day, most likely, it won`t be enough. But again don`t go to extremes. You don`t want to be nervous or sick, don`t you?

2. Fuel up

One of the best ways to get through a day without sleep is to supply yourself with basic and essential nutrients. In other words, you should eat well. This may be the last thing on your mind, but make an effort and eat something to charge your body with energy that is greatly needed. If you have a healthy breakfast to start your day it will be fantastic! Your meals are advised to be rich in proteins and whole grains, but you`d better avoid sugary foods. Carbohydrates give only a short-term charge of energy, which is not a very good option.

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3. Drink water

You should drink water not only in case of having little sleep but all the time, since water is essential and important for the health. But if you happen to have a sleepless night you`d better carry a flash of water with you all the time. Thus, you`ll avoid dehydration which affect the speed and quality of your reactions and thinking.

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4. Avoid eating too much

You should also bear in mind when you sit down at the dinner table that it is not advised to eat much. There are two reasons for it. The first is that a substantial meal will make you feel even more tired. And the second is that when you are sleepy and tired it is difficult to control when you are full. My advice to you is to eat smaller protein-rich portions but more frequently throughout the day. By doing so you won’t run risk of overeating and you`ll be full of energy and enviable enthusiasm.

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5. Get some sun

An obscure lighted room is most likely to make you feel sleepier. As you feel drowsy go outside to bask in the warn sun beams. If there is no such opportunity at least stand by the window for some time. You might be surprised but sunlight provides our body with natural cues, which make us feel awake and alert. Moreover, being in the sunlight makes your body produce vitamin D, which is supposed to help fight tiredness.

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6. Take breaks

Every respected company offers small coffee breaks for its workers. And if you usually skip them on a typical day you`d better take breaks when you are sleepy and tired. Having a little bit of rest is crucial for you in order not to make your day harder than it can actually be. If you have an opportunity to do some simple exercises, do it, or at least take a short walk. Wash your face with cold water so that you won`t look drowsy and washed-out but refreshed and in high spirits.

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7. Take a nap

Most people are sure that when they are going through a day with little sleep and take a short nap it will make everything worse. But I have to reassure you that everything is just the other way around. A short nap of about 30 minutes is quite useful. Your body and mind will have some time to revive their powers and you won`t feel so tired and passive. It is also advised to have a cup of coffee just before you go to sleep. During this time the caffeine comes into operation and you will wake up refreshed, active and brisk.

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8. Stay safe

When you feel sleepy, don’t forget about your safety. Don`t drive when you are drowsy and very tired, use public transportation instead. It is very serious and dangerous, it is no joking matter. You`d better don`t take risk and admit the fact that on a day with little sleep you are not in the best shape. Tomorrow you`ll come back to your usual routine.

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9. Take it easy

Such a day will be undoubtedly hard so you are to everything in your powers to make it bearable. My advice is to take it easy. You don`t need additional worries about trifles especially those that can be easily avoided. Don’t get down to a very challenging task which requires much of concentration. You`d better leave it for tomorrow. Important decisions should also be put on the back burner. Your day with little sleep should past as smoothly as possible.

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You know there is nothing impossible and getting through the say with little sleep may past quite smoothly if you know some useful tips. Stick to them and I hope you will go through it easily. Do you have your own ways to stay active and alert? Let`s share the ideas!