11 Amazing Ways to Feel Better about Yourself


All people are united by a similar quality of character – self-criticism. As a rule we demand a lot from ourselves, and in the most cases we are not satisfied with our appearance. But whatever it is we are to love our appearance and be proud for our achievements. Otherwise why are we trying so hard if there is no approval? Nobody is perfect it is true but everyone is unique and marvelous, only for this we are to ourselves. Being in peace with oneself is a great source of happiness. So here are 11 ways for you to like yourself more.

1. Do something nice

This principle works just like it goes with presents, it is more pleasant to give than to receive. That is why when you are in low spirits and are about to start criticizing yourself, think about the people whom you can help or just do something nice for them. I assure you, your negative thoughts will be gone for good. Do something nice to your family members, friends or a casual passerby to make them happy. To see their sincere happy smile in return is the best reward, isn`t it?

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2. Stop the negativity

From now on never talk negatively about yourself. That should be the most important rule for you. You may happen to hear some unpleasant comments or reactions on your appearance or actions, and you should never start an argument or agree with such a statement. There is no need to go deep into the problem. You should not focus on your drawbacks when you have so many strong sides! Be wise and don`t get in a trap of constant negative self-talk. In most cases people talk nonsense so it`s no use concentrating on subjective and tactless opinions.

3. Set goals

In order not to have negative thoughts you are to have a certain aim in your life. Be it a short or long-term one, you will be able to focus all your attention on it and have no time for depression. As you reach your goals one by one you`ll have that precious feeling of satisfaction with yourself and what you do. Your goal may be whatever you want, connected with your work or with your hobby, but while you work hard to reach it there will be no time for you to feel low. You might not reach your aim at once but being engaged in some business is better than to sit with your arms folded.

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4. Turn it around

Living in a contemporary society people hurt each other`s feelings very often and forget to say how much they care. You may feel it more sharply even in your family. It is a big mistake to compare a person with somebody else as it gives the one feeling of being worse than others. No approval gives sensation as if you are never good at anything. All this hurts pride. You can`t change other people but you can change your attitude to what they say or do. Think that they all are too shy to say truth or too proud to confess that you are better than they. Remember that deep inside they cherish kindly feelings for you and mean well. It is not that easy, but the more you practice the better.

5. Get inspiration

Everyday routine has a harmful feature to kill all the creativity and inspiration. So free yourself and be reborn! There are so many beautiful things you can take inspiration from. From somebody`s words, child`s smile, sun beam, rain of golden leaves or even ordinarily from any video online. Having inspiration is a great motive power to create something new. But not only this, you may also be inspired to live, to make it better, to change, to create unforgettable moments and enjoy them. By doing so you will never have a low opinion of yourself again.

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6. Stop comparing

Every person is unique, marvelous and unlike others so it is not right to compare\or be compared with others. Don`t focus your attention on your drawbacks thinking that that Marry is better than you. Think about your strong sides, good qualities, useful skills and unique talents. And of course, don`t stop constantly improving them, all the time learning something new. You are to do it only for yourself, for you to feel yourself a better person and never to be compared with others.