Generosity Is Above All: 6 Ways Giving Makes You Happy


Helping people in need can give you a sense of making someone happy, a sense of sharing and a sense of satisfaction. I’m not telling you to give all your money to those in need. It could be anything from giving a candy to small children, helping someone pay for medicine or bread, to feeding a stray dog. The more you give, the more you get. It’s a golden rule of life that, unfortunately, most modern people ignore. Just like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” Discover some of the most crucial reasons to get into a habit of helping people and animals in need on a daily basis.

1. Make others happy

Be it a homeless person or a stray animal, you can make their day by feeding them or simply by saying some kind words. When you give, you get a happy face and a beautiful smile. If you give something to a small child they might even hug you. This is amazing feeling that will make your day as well.

2. Boost your mood

Give a person in need generously or feed a hungry fellow today. Not only do you increase their mood, you boost your mood as well. There’s something wonderful about giving your love and affection to others, so don’t worry if you are short on money. Money will never fill your heart with a sense of joy and satisfaction, while giving will give you a sort of satisfaction that your soul craves. Helping your parents, friends or coworkers in the most difficult times will also satisfy your heart and bring a smile into your daily life.

3. Help you bond with other people

Helping others will help you make more friends and learn to find a way out when others can’t. Helping an old woman cross the road, buying a cake for a poor person on his birthday, helping your neighbor to pick up dry leaves from the porch or helping your coworker cope with some life problems will bond you with them. Unless you are an introvert who enjoys your own company, spending time with others will make your life brighter and happier.

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4. Give you a sense of sharing

If you can’t share your money, home, joy, happiness and grief with others, no offence, but you are most likely selfish. Mothers always try to teach their children to share because they know that sharing will make their little ones selfless and that will play a great role in the community later in their life. Selfless people will never feel that they have lost something in life and this will make them really happy.

5. Improve your confidence level

Give your confidence a boost by helping those in need. You will feel that you have enough to share with others – be it love, cash, kind word, care, talk or knowledge. Spend one day a week or a month volunteering at your local animal shelter or homeless shelter to feel that others need you. No matter how busy your schedule is, it’s possible to fit volunteering into your monthly schedule.

6. Wake up spiritually

People who are spiritually awake know how precious each day is. They feel that they should accomplish many things in this world before they die. This is a kind of happiness you set out to seek when you feel depressed or lost. When you are trying to overcome anxiety, seasonal depression or chronic depression, you don’t see anything positive in your life. Giving, however, will leave you happier, healthier and full of energy.

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Doing good things for others is an easy way to increase happiness and find a purpose in life. Do something meaningful today and you will understand why generosity is so precious in a modern world. Not having money is an excuse. In fact, you don’t need anything to help others. Your actions speak louder than your words. Do you like helping other people? Is it making you happy? Do you think people with empty wallets can’t help others? Let me know your point of view in the comments section, please.