8 Great Things I Always Buy at Fall Garage Sales


Fall is usually associated with the wedding season, Halloween and Thanksgiving. But it’s also a season of great garage sales and apt purchases. I truly believe in the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” During the fall season, people want to clean and get their houses ready for the holiday season. They try to get rid of unwanted and useless things that are only cluttering their homes. We are hardly surprised at commercial goods these days and garage sales are a great chance to buy something unique and special or just cheap. Some people visit garage sales to find things for resell, while others are looking for something they need for themselves. Here are some of my favorite things I always buy at fall garage sales, even when I’m not on a tight budget.

1. Vintage stuff

Garage sales can easily compete with antique stores. You can find veritable treasures such as limited editions of rare albums and vinyl records, old-fashioned jewelry, pictures, chandeliers, furniture, coins, or whatever you want. If the seller is unaware of the item’s true value, you may be lucky to purchase the thing for a song! My father is a music junkie and passionate collector of vinyl records, and I’m often fortunate to find something worthy to rejoice him!