My Patience Is Wearing Thin: Why I Can’t Wait for Halloween


Halloween is a little more than a month away, but it seems the spooky insanity has already begun. Halloween, obviously, stands out from the rest of the holidays we celebrate throughout the year since it’s all about scary costumes, creepy ghost stories, tricks and jack-o’-lanterns.

When I was a child, Halloween was more exciting than Christmas or Easter. Now that I’m twenty and something years old, the mystery of Halloween makes me wait for this spooky holiday like crazy. Check out my list of several wonderful reasons I just can’t wait for Halloween and feel free to add to it after reading through.

1. Costumes

No one can imagine Halloween without those kitschy and blatant costumes. My parents never bought me a ready-made costume. We always had a great time pulling a costume together from the stuff we already had at home.

My mom was marvelously inventive and even with bloody sheets wrapped over my body and my face covered with greasepaints I was always happy with my look. Now I realize that it doesn’t actually matter what you wear on Halloween night, since the fun part is decisive!

2. Family traditions

This is what I love most about any holiday. Trick-or-treating and decorating are great but it’s the family traditions that make Halloween so special to me. Every year we went to the neighboring farm to pick up pumpkins and take photos there.

Every year I looked forward to making a spooky straw man for our porch. All this stuff was utterly unique to our family. It wasn’t expensive or specific, it was just about our family and these memories are the biggest treasures now.

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3. Lots of sweets

Like most kids, I spent October 31 roving the streets begging for sweets while my parents stayed home to give other kids sweets. I remember those heaps of goodies I used to haul at home. And it was such a glee! Actually, Halloween is that sort of a holiday when you are not under pressure of making a “big meal”. There was, however, one meal I make even now when I’m grown-up – stuffed roaches.

You can easily check how brave your friends are, when you treat them to a meal with such a disgusting name. Stuffed roaches are extremely simple to make and this is an amazingly delicious yet gruesome meal.

4. Arts and crafts

This is another reason why I love Halloween. Dressing up the house in the spirit of Halloween is a fun activity for children and adults alike. I love the challenge of adorning the porch, windows and the front door so that my house assumes the air of bugaboo.

The main thing about décor is the creepier the better. Let your creative and decorative juices flow this year. Candles, scarecrows and skulls are perfect items to incorporate the spirit of All Saints’ Day into your house.

5. Creepy party

Halloween is a pure fun for kids, college students and their parents. Once my mom said that Halloween kept her young and I couldn’t understand the meaning of her words.

Now I do realize that a kid-fun aspect is usually apart from the adult-fun part, except for Christmas. Adults, however, are more involved in celebrating Halloween with their kids these days and this tradition is growing stronger and stronger.

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6. Mischief

Admittedly, I’m not full of mischief and I’m rather a brave women. But Halloween is the only time of the year when all the spooky stories and pranks are to the point. It’s just the basic human need to address the mysteries that frighten us.

Halloween ghoulish greetings and horror films along with creepy costumes were the best part of the holiday when I was a child. Now, when I’m grown-up, all this stuff doesn’t have such a thundering effect but it’s still exciting.

Halloween is a bit weird holiday. But most of us love it and can’t wait for it. Halloween gives us long-lasting memories and warm feelings that make us fall in love with the autumn season.

Are you one of those who love Halloween, or are you a Halloween hater? Have you already begun making your creepy costume?