7 Inspirational Ways to Live Every Day with Intention


Before you try these ways to live every day with intention, you need to know what that means first. Intentional living means living with purpose and direction! You wake up with a certain purpose and focus on it throughout the day. To live life with intention is to live life fully with no regrets! Check out a few inspirational ways to live every day with purpose!

1. Set goals

One of the top ways to live every day with intention is to set goals you want to reach every day, every month or even every year! Focusing on goals in front of you will make you capable of orienting your decisions around those goals and being more intentional in your everyday life.

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2. Know your purpose in life

Knowing your purpose in life is very important. Everyone has a calling and a set of unique gifts required for that calling. If you want to be successful and fulfilled you should find your purpose in life. When you know your purpose, you have the reason to get up every day and live intentionally!

3. Eat right and exercise regularly

Both staying active and healthy eating are lifelong goals that I strive to do each day. Eating right and exercising on a regular basis are vital for every person. Not only will it help keep extra weight off, but it can reduce risks of disease, boost mood and clear the mind!

4. Stay in a good mood

Remember the only person who can change your mood is yourself! Sure, people can support and encourage you, but it’s you who should choose to be vibrant and happy. Don’t think of the things that annoy you or bring you down, instead, focus on your loved ones, your purpose and goals and always stay in a good mood!

5. Find balance in your life

Finding balance in your life is another significant aspect of living with purpose. It’s important to work hard, play hard and, of course, rest well. Work drives your intention, play fuels your soul and resting well is vital for your body.

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6. Remove negative obstacles

Another way to live every day with intention is to remove negative energy and obstacles in your life! Whatever the distractions, negative thoughts, an unhealthy relationship, too much TV or junk food, get rid of them! Try to focus only on the positive, like your family, friends and your purpose in life.

7. Manage your time

You have to manage your time to live with purpose! Productivity happens when you know how to manage your time properly. It’s also okay to evaluate yourself occasionally to see if your everyday habits are destructive or productive for reaching your life goals.

Sometimes we forget why we are living and it can be extremely difficult to get out of bed! Try to live on purpose and you will feel the difference. What are your ways to live every day with intention? Share them, please!