7 Things You Should Never Worry About Again


Nowadays it’s impossible to avoid worries, stress, and anxiety unless you live in the forest. The hectic rhythm of contemporary life brings us new and new problems that require immediate solutions. Most of life isn’t actually black or white. You can’t stay positive all the time and you can’t think negatively as well.

Sure, disappointments and disasters occasionally happen. But there are things that aren’t even worth your attention. Learn to look for the golden mean in any situation. Instead of worrying about the black and enjoying the white, look for shades of grey – the golden mean.

Say, you’re trying to cope with certain problems at work. You either believe in yourself or think you’re not smart enough to accomplish that difficult project. It’s a wrong approach, though.The golden mean is saying yourself something like, “Of course, there will be difficulties and I’ll have to work harder to cope with them. But I’ll definitely accomplish that project!” This way, you think neither positively nor negatively. You just do it.

When it comes to the trifles, it’s useless to look for the golden mean. You just accept the fact and stop thinking about it tomorrow. Here are those things you should stop worrying about starting today. Save your nerves for more difficult times.

1. Skin problems

When you have wrinkles, pimples, sunspots, or any other skin problem, the only thing you want to do is to stay at home and hide from everyone. You have very low self-esteem and feel upset every time you look in a mirror. Okay, I understand. Still, there’s a slight objection.

How long are you going to hide from others? Do you remember that your life isn’t as long as you want it to be? Every person has skin problems.

You may not see them, but they exist. One pimple on your nose isn’t worth that stress. Plus others won’t probably notice it. Just take good care of your skin and love it as it is.

2. Single life

Being single, as a rule, disturbs many passionate hearts and causes too many troubles. What can I say? Relationships are very important in the life of every person, but it’s not the end of the world when you stay single for a while.

Dating a random guy isn’t the best way out. Many single people suffer from depression because they spend hours worrying about their marital status. Don’t commit this mistake. Embrace your single life and enjoy it till you find the right man for you.

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3. Weight

Modern women are obsessed with what the scales show. They starve themselves to death, exercise too much, and try out dangerous methods of losing weight. The number your scale shows actually means nothing. Lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and eat healthily.

If you stick to this, your scale will eventually show the desired number. Feel comfortable in your body and accept yourself as you are. Stop worrying about your weight but feel proud that you make efforts to improve your body. Though, I always recommend every girl to throw those scales out and never buy them again.

4. Future

Future is a fickle thing. You can plan but not predict. Dwelling on the past is a waste of time while focusing on your future can be harmful to your mental health.

Live in the present moment. Set goals and try to reach them. But be ready to face failures on your life path.

5. Perfect personality

No one is perfect. We all have flaws – be they big or small. The problem is how you perceive them. When you love yourself and embrace your drawbacks, others don’t notice them.  Even if they do, they perceive them as your personal traits.

There are so many people who don’t have legs, who can’t move, see, hear and speak, and who suffer from terrifying diseases. If you are not one of them, then what’s wrong? You’re smart and beautiful. Don’t strive to be perfect.

6. Grades

I know so many people who had poor grades at school and college but now they are wealthy and successful. I also know some people who had the highest grades, but now they’re miserable and broken.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you should give up learning. Just don’t worry about all the grades you get throughout the school year. Keep learning and improve your knowledge each day.

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7. Money

Even though money can`t buy love and health, we can`t live without it. You have to earn enough cash to pay bills and buy food. You don`t necessarily have to be rich to be happy.

Stop worrying too much about money. Keep track of your income and watch the spending. There are more important things to worry about – money isn’t one of them.

The best recipe for happiness is not to let your problems control you. They’re unavoidable but not disastrous. Realize your own potential. Embrace yourself. Recognize the beauty of your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Are you a big overthinker?