7 Things You Should Stop Saying to Become Happier


Do you know that all bad and negative words you use can influence your mood and even success? It is really so. That’s why it is important to control your vocabulary while speaking with others. Some words can be really harmful to you. Our words have a great power that can form our perception of the world.

People’s attitude to you is also a reflection of your behavior and the things you say to them. Altogether, these things create your happiness and influence your position in society. Don’t let your pessimistic mood affect your life and relationship with others. There are some definite words you should avoid saying to stay positive and happy.

1. I Can’t Do It

You can succeed in your career, study, and other spheres of life only when you have a strong belief in your abilities. Otherwise, all your attempts to achieve great results will certainly fail. A positive state of mind is the first step to your joy and happiness.

No matter the situations you can face in your life, you should always believe in your ability to surmount the most difficult barriers on your way. I am convinced that sometimes optimism can do magic. If you are sad, disappointed, and nervous, my recommendation for you is to forget all the negative things at least for one day, and you will see the difference.

2. I’m Bored

It is quite normal that sometimes you can feel boredom during various activities such as lessons at a university or work in an office or just sitting at home. Perhaps, it’s much better than being swamped with an enormous amount of work.

When you have nothing to do around the house, try to enjoy these precious moments. Next days you will have enough chores to do. Never say that you are bored as still there are so many wonderful ways to have a good time. Just think about the possible alternatives, and you will see that optimistic thought come back to your mind.

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3. Life Is Senseless

Certainly, our life is meaningful. We must be happy and thankful to God for this great gift. No matter what you do in your life, teach children or cure ill people, there is always a reason for you to live. Surely, we can experience some moments of frustration and disappointment from time to time, though it doesn’t mean we should give up and lose our hope for happiness.

Draw in your mind great things that are waiting for you in your future. That is the purpose of your life. If you are confident in your abilities, you will increase your chances of success. Even if you don’t have any great career, perfect results in studying, or some big talent, that is not the reason to think that your existence is senseless. Whenever such thoughts come to your mind, remember your family and close people. You can be sure they really need you.

4. I Hate You

You should definitely erase this word from your vocabulary. Some people in our life can irritate and annoy us in some situations. For example, you can use the word “hate” to describe your attitude toward a strict teacher or a bad-tempered boss.

You can use lots of other ways to express your disaffection to certain people. Unfortunately, nowadays, this negative word is frequently pronounced by most people. We can complain about numerous things in our lives, but do we really hate them?

5. I Don’t Need Any Help

It is necessary to appreciate the desire of other people to help you whenever you need. When you refuse them, you express your disrespect. Surely, we all like to show our confidence and power to assert our ability to cope with difficulties without anybody’s help.

But some stubborn people don’t accept any assistance, doing everything on their own. To my mind, it’s impossible to survive in our world without other people. We always need some cooperation and help. Don’t be hostile to those who love you and want to change your life for the better.

6. I Want to Die

Try to avoid speaking about your death, even for fun. This is not the best topic for your conversation. You can’t say so easily that you want to die. But what to do if a person is really in great despair and wants to kill himself? One should use a hotline for a call or ask the best friend for help in such a case.

Whatever happens in your life, you should always remember that there can’t be a problem without a solution. You can always find the way out. I’m sure death is not the best decision for your problem.

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7. I’m Not Beautiful

For everyone, the concept of beauty is rather different. One thing can be magnificent for you and ugly for your friend at the same time. In fact, most women usually feel uncomfortable with their appearance. I know some quite pretty girls who always complain about some parts of their body and their clothing.

They are very demanding of their look and style. However, others usually have contrary opinions. It’s not a good idea to tell people all the time that you are ugly and unattractive, especially if it is not true. You’d better concentrate on some more important aspects of your personality.

It’s high time to change your life for the better; add some brightness to it. For that, you definitely need to have optimistic thoughts and use only positive words to describe your emotions. Have you ever used any of these phrases in your speech? Do you realize you should get rid of these negative words? Share your thoughts in the comments section, please.