7 Tips for Studying When You’re a Mother


Everybody knows that being a parent is not an easy task to do. If you really want to become a successful mother, you should possess lots of positive qualities. But you should always remember the most important characteristics of a caring parent: responsibility, patience, and hard work. Surely, that isn’t easy. For some parents, things can become even more complicated when they decide to study at university.

I also had such an experience in my life. It was quite challenging as I didn’t know any special tips for studying when you are a parent. During my first year at the university, I gave way to despair. All my efforts have dwindled to nothing. Later I realized that I lacked certain organizational skills.

When I was in my final year, everything changed, and I could manage to be a successful student and a parent at the same time. Now I can even advise you on some helpful tips for studying as a student parent.

1. Keep Calm

You are really a courageous person if you made up your mind to earn a degree being a parent. First of all, you shouldn’t panic. Your worries will only prevent you from studying, and as a result, you won’t be able to manage with a degree and children. Don’t be nervous. Leave all your fears behind, and you will handle all your duties. Remember that you are not the only person who must combine studying and parenting.

There are thousands of such people in your country, and they are successful enough in both fields. Besides, if you become a student, you’ll get more opportunities for socializing.

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2. Get Information about an Extension Policy of Your University

In summer, when I was a student, a splendid idea came to my mind. I decided to organize an extension for myself. It can be beneficial for parents who study. I must admit it wasn’t as easy as I imagined. That was an extremely complicated process. I had to deal with lots of documents and medical certificates.

Despite all the difficulties, I managed to cope with this task. After that, some of my friends who studied asked me for help when they also wanted to organize an extension. As my experience showed, it’s necessary to learn all the information concerning an extension policy if you want to use it.

3. Make Friends

It doesn’t mean that you will obviously find the best friends among those people who study together with you. Simply you should make some connections. Don’t neglect communication with your classmates. You can add them to your Facebook profile or other social networks. Perhaps these people won’t become your closest friends, but you can turn to them whenever you miss a class and need some notes or information.

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4. Emphasize Your Responsibilities

Fortunately, all my teachers at the university had children, so they could easily understand my troubles. Sometimes it happened that I went to classes almost without sleep when my child was ill, and I had to wake up so many times during the night.

Surely, my professors knew the reason for my exhaustion. If you are a young mom, you should definitely establish firm ties with your university teachers; especially when you have an extension. In such case, a personal tutor will organize and control your learning process. If one knows the peculiarities of your family life, it would be easier to assess your progress in studying. Moreover, professors can help you whenever you have some problems.

5. Submit Your Work Beforehand

That is one of the essential recommendations that you should always keep in mind. Aim to complete your assignment sometime before the deadline. Certainly, it will be hard work, and you must be organized to cope with it. Having done your task beforehand, you’ll be able to avoid all the emergencies when your child suddenly gets ill. You’ll be prepared anyway. This piece of advice will help you to succeed on extensions either. Managing your time correctly is an indispensable part of your successful studying when you are a parent.

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6. Read in Advance

There are lots of professors who usually bother their students with pre-reading lists. I’m sure you also know a few of them. If you listen to your teacher’s recommendations, you’ll see how efficient they are. If I were you, I would never ignore these requirements.

Only those students who don’t have children can put until tomorrow what they can do today. But you don’t have another choice as to read everything beforehand. If you read before your deadline, you will have time to clear up everything you haven’t understood. Besides, you won’t have to hustle in the crowded library trying to get the necessary book.

7. Try to Stay Longer in a College

At the beginning of my studies, I was completely broken down with all the responsibilities I had. At that time, I tried myself as a freelance writer. It isn’t easy to imagine, but I didn’t have free time at all. However, I learned to plan everything earlier and do my work quickly. When I went to college, I tried to stay there as long as possible. After classes, I attended the library and read books till late hours. Other days I worked and in the evenings took care of my child.

You can be sure that being a student and a parent at the same time is really very difficult. Still, it is possible. Don’t be afraid to make this responsible choice in your life. Anyway, you are not alone, your family and close people will always help you in different situations. What you need is proper management of your time and responsibilities. Remember that your time is very precious for you. If you are a student parent, please tell us how you cope with lots of work in your life.