8 Wonderful Lessons I’ve Learned from My Mom


I won’t be mistaken if I say that my mom is my best teacher. When I was a little girl, I was often angry with her when she tried to prove me something or persuade me to do something I didn’t want to do. Many years later, I’ve understood how precious her lessons were. I know that I became the person who I am now because she always supported and helped me.

My mother’s encouragement and wisdom shaped my personality and made me better. Even now, when I’m grown-up, I often need her advice, support, or just a kind word. After all, who can teach you love, life values, and patience better than your mom? I’m thankful to my mom for everything, especially for these 8 lessons she taught me.

1. Children are the first priority

I always knew that my sister and I were the most important people in my mother’s life. A woman can be a first-rate professional, faithful and caring wife, and a good friend. But when a woman gives birth to her child, first of all, she should be a mother. My mom managed her career and household chores, but I never felt a lack of attention or indifference. My mom showed me a great example, and I hope I will become a good mother too.

2. Work is an integral part of your life

‘It doesn’t actually matter if you don’t need money or you’re bored. If you want to become a grounded person, you should tame your laziness and work hard; that’s what she told me one day. I always find inspiration and encouragement in her words of wisdom.

My mother is a very hard-working and diligent person. At times she had to work two jobs to support our family. But she never complained, and she really loved what she’s doing. Most of my achievements are largely due to the determination and diligence that she taught me.

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3. Friends are great, but family is everything

No matter how old you are, but whenever you have difficulties, your parents are usually the people you address. As an adult, I realize how disrespectful and indifferent I was to my mom sometimes. I used to sacrifice family time to spend time with my friends. I used to place my friends over my family, and now I really regret that. But the truth is that friends are not forever, while your family will always be with you no matter what.

4. Never judge others, don’t envy

That’s another priceless lesson my mother taught me. My mom has never gossiped, judged, or been jealous of other people’s success. She taught me that gossiping about other people could turn things into great trouble.

When her pals started gossiping about someone during friend gatherings, my mom always tried to avoid discussing or changing the subject. I’ve learned that everybody has a right to do what he or she wants; therefore, I’d better mind my own business and never judged people. Thanks to my mom, I’ve understood that envy is a poor thing because you never know what’s behind people’s success.

5. Life isn’t black and white

Although good fortune and bad fortune go hand in hand, life isn’t black and white. I was always amazed at my mom’s optimism and inspiration. She was rarely depressed, even when everything seemed to be terrible. She could find the good in every situation and loved repeating that everything was relative in life. Life is a very unpredictable, ambiguous, and amazing thing and any attempt to generalize something or set rigid boundaries is absolutely senseless.

6. Respect everybody

I’m pretty sure my life would have been hard if I hadn’t learned this lesson. Respectful attitude and politeness are straightforward and free, but many people still lack these essential traits. My mom inculcated good manners and a respectful attitude in me when I was a child. I learned that every person deserved to be respected and well-treated.

A homeless man, a servant, and a shop assistant deserve to hear ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ whenever you come in contact with them. It goes without saying that you should respect your family, friends, and elders.

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7. Children shouldn’t justify their parents’ expectations

My mom has never tried to make me the person she wanted me to be. Yes, she brought me up, educated and shaped my personality, but she hasn’t tried to change me or make a different version of myself. I’m thankful to her for her understanding and wisdom. She accepted my decisions and choices even when she thought differently. She always wanted me to become a doctor because that was her childhood dream. But I’ve chosen another path, and she accepted it. Moreover, she was the only one to believe in me and encourage all my undertakings.

8. Appearance and clothes don’t matter

No matter how beautiful and well-dressed the person is, you can define the person by actions and deeds only. My mom is a handsome woman with sophisticated taste and good manners. But most people appreciate her character and good temper. Often the most expensive clothes and the most appealing appearance are totally deceptive because they hide a shallow personality.

Over the years, I’ve met many people who taught me important things. I often find inspiration in friends, famous people, and even strangers. But I can say with confidence that my mom was and will always be my best teacher, best friend, and my everlasting supporter. Whenever I feel upset or discouraged, I remember her wise words, and everything gets better. What lessons have you learned from your mother?