7 Powerful Ways to Raise a Confident Daughter


When it comes to raising a confident daughter, my mom was one of the best moms in the globe. My mom’s principles in raising me were ones that I’d advise any mom to follow for raising confident daughters.

I’m a confident and courageous woman and I thank my mother for this. Here are a few best ways to raise a confident girl if you are a mother, or if you’re going to be a mom!

1. Compliment her

If you want to raise a confident girl, make sure you compliment her regularly. Compliment her when she helps you fix dinner, makes good grades, does good things for her siblings or other people. Complimenting your daughter for reasons outside of looks will definitely teach her she’s worth more than what she looks like.

2. Spend more time together

I spent a lot of time with my mom and I saw myself as valuable enough to spend time with. My mom taught me that doing some special things with one another and taking special outings and trips was a part of healthy relationship.

I always felt special and confident anytime I spent time with her. It’s one of the best ways to make your child feel valued, appreciated, and wanted.

3. Don’t talk about your body flaws in front of her

Never ever talk about your body flaws and how much you hate them in front of your daughter. No matter if you are just having a bad day, or if your pair of jeans doesn’t fit, do not curse your body in front of her, because this can send her a message that we are supposed to value size and weight over other things and be angry towards our bodies.

Don’t speak about perfection, dieting and body image issues. Remember you are the best example for health to your child, so be sure to eat a healthy food, exercise and don’t be obsessed with weight, sizes and dieting.

4. Tell her she is beautiful

I know I said that you should teach your daughter to focus not only on her looks, but there’s one exception. A girl likes to hear that her mother thinks she is beautiful, because chances are, she thinks her mom is the most beautiful woman in the world! Give your daughter compliments outside her looks, but don’t forget to tell her how beautiful she is!

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5. Teach her to be active

My mom was always active and kept me active throughout my life. This kept me happy, motivated and taught me to be fit naturally.

My mom is a wonderful woman! She likes to do activities instead of watching TV. She enjoys walking and doing natural exercises.

When I was a child, she was always up for all activities I wanted to do and she taught me to play outside more than inside. Be active and teach your daughter to be active too!

6. Teach her what real health is

My mom didn’t teach me to be obsessed about weight and dieting (and I’m glad!). But she taught me to avoid really unhealthy foods. I think it’s vital to teach a daughter what real health is.

Teach her to eat clean, whole and natural foods. High sugar processed food, fast food and fried food are not things you should be teaching children to eat. Teaching your daughter to eat a well-balanced diet will make her much more confident by placing more emphasis on nutrition and proper fueling her body, and taking the focus off calories.

7. Tell her how capable she is

When raising a confident daughter, be sure to tell her how capable she’s. My mom was always perfect at this and she always supported me in what I really wanted to do.

She always told me to do whatever it was that I wanted to do in school, or in a career. My mom also believed in me (and believes in me now!) when others didn’t. Believe in your daughter and tell her how capable she is!

Raising a confident daughter who loves herself is very difficult if you actually don’t love yourself. Be confident about who you are and your daughter will be as well.

If you are a mother, how do you show your girl ways to be confident? Please comment below!