What to Discuss with Your Teenage Daughter


Parent-daughter relationships are often rocky, especially during the daughter’s teenage years. The best way to improve this relationship is to talk honestly and regularly. Here are ten topics to discuss with your daughter that will lessen conflict and help the two of you bond.

1. Ask your daughter about her favourite books, movies, music, sports, and so on

You may discover aspects of her personality that you never knew about; at the very least, you’ll know what to buy her for her birthday.

2. Discuss her views on current events and controversial issues

When she was little, you taught her right from wrong – now, you get to see how she has made those morals her own. Respect her opinions, even when they differ from yours.

3. Talk about her experiences at school and/or at work

Don’t simply ask how her day was – find out how she really feels about her everyday life. Share some of your experiences with her as well.

4. Discuss her relationships with friends and/or her significant other

Don’t pry into her personal life, but find out what she values in a relationship and what qualities she likes or dislikes in others.

5. Talk about a shared interest

If you don’t have one, try to find one. Discussing something that you are both passionate about will help you bond and lessen conflict.

6. Talk honestly about important family issues

You may not want to burden her with all the details of your financial situation, for example, but don’t lie or avoid the topic. Tell her the important points and answer her questions truthfully.

7. Ask her about her pet peeves, and take her answers to heart

If something you do drives her crazy, try to change your behaviour. Let her know what irritates you too.

8. Tell her stories about her childhood

She’s probably curious about what she was like as a child, and your stories could bring back fond memories. (Of course, avoid mentioning incidents she might find embarrassing!)

9. Tell her about your youth and your life before children

Talk about your accomplishments, but also be honest about your mistakes. This will help her think of you as a person as well as a parent.

10. Discuss your relationship honestly

You might think she’s disrespectful; she might think you treat her like a child. The only way to work through these problems is to talk about them and make changes. Don’t wait until they erupt into an argument.

Of course, your daughter may not share her deepest feelings with you all the time. Don’t push her, but make sure she knows that you are always willing to listen. As long as she feels comfortable talking to you, your relationship will continue to improve.