7 Essential Lessons You Should Teach Your Daughter


Parenting is certainly the most difficult job you will ever do. Raising a daughter presents more challenges. You want to raise a girl who is confident, has self-discipline, and takes responsibility. As a mother, you must teach your daughter many important life lessons. Here are some of the most essential lessons…

Table of contents:

  1. Value herself
  2. Be financially independent
  3. Value her body
  4. Intelligence lasts longer than looks
  5. How to do DIY
  6. Work for what she wants
  7. Equal to men

1. Lesson 1: Value herself

One of the essential lessons you should teach your daughter is that she must value herself. She must feel that she’s worth enough achieving great things. She must have the confidence to say ‘no’ to any pressure. You should also teach your daughter that she must only have a relationship with a man when she’s completely ready, and she shouldn’t send revealing pics of herself to anyone.

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2. Lesson 2: Be financially independent

I think this is an extremely important lesson to teach your child these days. Teach your daughter that she should be financially independent.

She need never depend on a man or wonder where the money is coming from. Explain to her every aspect of money matters. This way it will be easier for her to deal with life’s challenges.

3. Lesson 3: Value her body

There are many girls who feel that there’s something wrong with their physical appearance. These girls find fault with every part of their body and their negative body image can affect their entire life. Teach your daughter that she must be happy with what she has and show her how to feel confident about her looks. She must not let mean comments affect her, or compare herself to media images.

4. Lesson 4: Intelligence lasts longer than looks

Explain to your daughter that she doesn’t have to buy into the message that looks are all for a woman. Show her that her mind is much more important and will take her further in life. Teach her that intelligence lasts much longer than looks.

5. Lesson 5: How to do DIY

Teaching your daughter how to do DIY is very essential and useful since she will be able to cope with car repairs and basic household. Be sure to teach your daughter how to cook, so that she can prepare a healthy meal and avoid prepared meals.

6. Lesson 6: Work for what she wants

It’s important to teach your girl that nothing comes free. She shouldn’t expect anything to be given to her. She must work for what she wants. Most adults expect their parents to subsidize them, so explain to your daughter that it’s wrong.

Sure, you might want to help her out, especially if she hits difficult times, but teach her independence. Don’t allow her to assume that she can treat you as a bank.

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7. Lesson 7: Equal to men

Your girl must know that women and men are equal in every way. Whatever a man does, she can do. She can be whatever she wants because there is no profession that is closed to her.

She can fly a plane, play sports, and be completely independent. However, explain to her that she should respect a man as her equals, too.

Some of these lessons you should teach all your children, not only daughters. One of the most important things is to teach your daughter to be confident and independent. What lessons do you wish your mom or dad had taught you? Share your thoughts, please.