10 Natural No-Pill Ways to Lose Weight Fast


Two weeks till the wedding? Four days till your hot date? Whatever your reason to lose weight fast, here are ten chemical-free ways to banish the bulge without turning your liver into pâté with diet pills.

1. Every-Other-Day Diets

The newest diet craze, where you alternate days of calorie restriction with calorie freedom, is more than just fad diet – it actually works. Greatly varying caloric intake taps into our body’s natural ability to thrive in alternating states of feast and famine.

2. Pilates

This posture-perfecting exercise won’t actually make you lose weight, but it will lengthen and strengthen all the core muscles found around your torso. The effect is like a girdle, supporting your back and flattening your torso. You’ll look ten pounds lighter and feel ten times better.

3. Calorie-Restricted Diets

Diets that reduce average caloric intake up to 25% or even more are ideal for people with a lot of weight to lose. Very-low-calorie diets are safe to undertake for a short amount of time.

4. Personal Trainer

To lose weight in the long-term, exercise is essential, but the wrong kind of exercise will increase your weight in the short-term. Work with a personal trainer to focus on fat-burning, muscle-toning exercises to slim down quickly.

5. Low-Carb Diets

It’s true they’re not miracle diets in the long run, but if you’ve only got a few weeks to slim down, low-carb diets will do the trick. The secret is in the carbs; track them religiously, and stop once you’ve reached your limit.

6. High-Pressure Colonic

Basically a hose that flushes out your colon with water, it sounds uncomfortable – and it is – but depending on what you’ve been eating, it’s a great way to drop a few pounds fast. Don’t do it regularly, or your sphincters may become weak.

7. Low-Protein Diets

Can’t stand low-carb? Try low-protein. Our bodies turn meat into amino acids anyway, so we might as well just get them from fresh fruits and veggies, and at the same time cut out the carcinogens and fat found in meat. Americans consume far more protein than necessary, so this diet isn’t going to hurt you.

8. Diuretics

For an extremely quick-fix, diuretics will encourage your cells to release water, slimming you down instantly. There are many chemical diuretics that can harm your liver, so stick with fruits, veggies, and teas to lose weight while nurturing your body.

9. Detox Diets

These are extreme low-protein diets that consist mostly of a handful of specific foods that supposedly cleanse your liver and increase its ability to keep your body lean and clean. Raw and juice diets can be healthy and delicious if done with common sense, but you should never, ever do a diet that has a list of specific ingredients.

10. Common Sense

The most important item on this list! Don’t be extreme. Listen to your body – except for your stomach – and take extra special care of it. Any sharp pain or ongoing dull or throbbing aches should be addressed immediately by your doctor.