8 Things Every Mother Desires for Her Kids


All moms wish only the best for their children. They struggle to make their life happy and easy. They pray, wish and work to make sure that their kids get only the best. Here are a few things that every mother desires for her kids.

1. Proper development

Developmental delay can cause the heart of a mother to bleed. Mental, emotional and physical health is vitally important for everyone to lead a normal life. Every mother will desire that her children have a healthy, happy and normal development.

2. Good education

A good education is very important in today’s society, and all moms would want to see their children well educated professionals. From preschool to graduation, every mother desires her children to get educated only in the best of schools, colleges and universities.

3. Hygienic environment

To be brought up in a comfortable, healthy and hygienic environment is also important. Living in unhealthy surroundings, not having sufficient health care facility or living in shabby houses may hamper child’s development. That’s why every mom certainly wishes for a hygienic environment for their kids to grow up in.

4. Good and well-mannered friends

Often a person’s wellbeing depends on her/his friends. When someone is in a bad company, her/his life may be spoiled beyond repair. So, every mother inevitably desires for well-mannered and good friends for their children.

5. Rewarding career

This is another thing that every mother wishes for their children. A good career must give promotions, enough remuneration and job satisfaction.

This is what all moms wish for their children. Unfortunately, today most people work hard and earn a small salary.

6. Successful marriage

Maybe for some people being single is great and fun, but others always look for companionship. Marriage is one of the surest ways to make sure that the companionship stays for a lifetime. Every mother will want her children to get a loving and understanding partner.

7. Loving cozy family

To get settled in life doesn’t mean having a degree or a good high-paying job. Having a spouse and kids will complete a family and that is what is really important. All mothers will want their children to have a loving and cozy family that will look out for them in all circumstances.

8. Good opportunities

If proper and ample opportunities are not available, a person can never progress in life. From childhood to adulthood, all mothers desire their children to get some opportunities to enable them to grow, succeed and prosper.

What do you wish for your children? Share your thoughts, please!