7 Awesome Experiments You Can Do With Your Child


Some parents find it difficult to have a good and fun time with their kids. If you are one of them, I must tell you that many entertaining activities and experiments are available for you and your kid. Moreover, you will also enjoy these funny things, not only your child.

To my mind, the best time for such experiments is either day off or holidays. When you feel some boredom in the atmosphere of your home, it’s high time to act. Prepare all the necessary things for your entertainment, set up your table in the kitchen or living room, and get ready for a good time.

1. Fireworks with Soap and Milk

Usually, we look forward to New Year or the 4th of July as these are the days of great fireworks. But you don’t need to wait more because any other day can be special for you and your kid.

Take a small saucer and pour little milk into it. Add some food coloring. To achieve better results, choose a few colors. Dip a piece of a cotton sponge into dish soap. After using this sponge to touch the drops of food coloring and enjoy the explosion of bright colors!

2. Cook Some Butter

Maybe you’ll be surprised a bit, but making butter is also some kind of experiment which you can try together with your kids. Besides, you’ll be able to enjoy an excellent taste of butter. Its recipe is very simple. You need some heavy cream for this experiment. Take as much as you want. Put it into a big jar and close the lid carefully. The next step in making butter is shaking the cream.

You should certainly let your kid do this for some time. Shaking butter is really important and responsible process. When you shake it, air can mix with the cream, and as a result, your butter will be thick. Having finished this experiment, open the jar and spread some butter on a slice of bread, and give an assessment of your work.

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3. Wiggly Worms

Another cheerful activity that you can do with your children is making wiggly worms. For this experiment, you will need some vinegar and soda. Take sharp scissors, a few gummy worms and cut them into four strips. After that, mix a glass of water with a spoonful of baking soda. When the mixture is ready, you can put the worms into the glass with this water and leave them for 30 minutes.

Pour some vinegar into another glass and move the worms to it; you can use a fork to transfer them. It is a well-known fact that soda reacts with vinegar so that you will observe something really marvelous; the worms will move like alive. I’m sure you and your child will get pleasure from this experiment.

4. Soda Geyser

I would advise you to do this activity outside before going to a supermarket and buying a 2-liter bottle of cola. You can put it in the backyard and remove the cap. Make sure that your kids are also involved in this experiment. Let them drop a mint Mentos in the cola.

You will be amazed with the result! If you have never seen a geyser before, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity. Soda and Mentos will mix up together, and the soda will bomb inside the bottle like a real geyser. You should be very careful during this activity.

5. Canister Rocket

If you made up your mind to experiment with this amusement, I would recommend you to do it outside. Your backyard can be the perfect place for this fun. As you’ve already understood, a canister is the main thing necessary for this activity.

But to be more precise, you need a film canister, that old black and grey container in which films were produced. If you are so lucky to find such a canister, take a teaspoon of water and put it into it, after adding some fizzy pill, and cover the container with the lid.

Don’t forget to place the canister on the ground. The water inside it will become fizzy. The container will be filled with air, and the pressure will grow so high that the lid will fly into the air. You and your child will be the witnesses of a great explosion.

6. Bombs from Baking Soda

Without any exaggeration, all children get excited when they only hear the word explosion. Can you imagine the level of their excitement when they watch something exploding? Surely, all parents feel nervous and agitated bout such experiments as they consider them to be extremely dangerous for the kids. But you may be relaxed, and it won’t be harmful to your child. Even this entertainment will bring joy to both of you. As for me, this is my favorite experiment which can be done together with children.

For making this bomb, you need to put a tablespoon of baking soda in the middle of a paper towel. Try to make a bag from this towel and add some vinegar to the top of it. Then you should close it up and throw it on the ground. As a rule, when vinegar reacts with baking soda inside a container, they make it explode. If you want to make this experiment brighter and unforgettable, you can add some food coloring to that mixture and throw the bag in the snow. Excitement and joy are guaranteed for you!

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7. Clean a Penny

Perhaps you didn’t know before, but it can also be a kind of entertaining activity with your child. What do you or your kids usually do when you find a penny? I’m almost sure you put it into the moneybox. Certainly, you can do this, and you will, but first, try to have a wonderful time with your child while cleaning that penny.

Make a mixture of some salt and vinegar and put your pennies into it. Wait for about 10 seconds, and you can take them out. It would be nice if you rinse the pennies under running water. You’ll be astonished to see that they shine like diamonds after this cleaning process.

Do you remember any science experiment which you did in childhood with your friends or parents? What was your favorite one? Can you describe this activity? As for me, I like all the experiments connected with explosions. Which funny activities can you try with your kids? Please, tell us about your ideas.