6 Ways to Keep Santa Claus Real for Your Child


Nowadays more and more kids stop believing in Santa Claus and unfortunately at a very young age. The point is that many parents think that it’s not important to believe in Santa and they don’t encourage their kids to believe in him. However, if you want your child to believe in Santa, here are some of the best ways to do it.

1. Tell your child stories about Santa Claus

Telling your child stories about Santa Claus is one of the easiest ways to make children believe in Santa. You can tell a story about how Santa Claus arrives on his beautiful reindeer with presents in a magical way when all the children are sleeping.

You can also tell about how Santa Claus changes the life of poor kids each year. Simply create your own fictional characters in the stories so that your child finds it really believable.

2. Leave evidence of Santa Claus

The next step to making your child believe in Santa Claus is to leave evidence of him. If your child has written a letter to him, make sure you leave a reply in your mailbox.

Also, empty the plate of cookies and the glass of milk to show your child that Santa really came. It’s also a great idea to leave several boot marks on the floor and tell your child that they’re the footsteps of Santa Claus.

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3. Tell your childhood Santa experience

If your child stops believing in Santa, why not tell your own childhood Santa experiences? Tell your child how you received the amazing presents on Christmas from Santa Claus. Tell your kid that you believe in Santa and that he is real.

Narrate examples of having fun while making a festive sock for Santa Claus and singing wonderful carols to invite him to come to your home. These stories will inspire your child to believe in Santa Claus.

4. Create the festive atmosphere

On Christmas Eve, create an atmosphere full of expectation and suspense for Santa Claus to arrive. Tell your child that they need to be quiet in order to hear Santa’s footsteps.

Ask your child to prepare milk and cookies for Santa. Get your child to sprinkle the reindeer food onto your garden as a way to get Santa Claus to come to your house first.

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5. Be attentive

Keep in mind that your child is always listening to you. We often discuss our gift-giving plans and forget about the kids. You should never do it if you want to keep Santa Claus real for your child. Don’t leave gift invoices that may make your child doubt that Santa Claus exists.

6. Ask your family members to tell their Santa experiences

If your child doesn’t believe your stories about Santa Claus, ask your family members or friends to tell their own stories about Santa to your child. But make sure these stories sound more real than yours. When the child hears it from other people, they may realize that Santa really exists.

I think it’s necessary for kids to believe in Santa and I don’t understand why so many parents tell their kids that Santa Claus is not real. Do your kids believe in Santa? If so, how old are they?