9 Ways to Get Your Children to Exercise


Are you looking for really effective ways to get your children to exercise? We live in the fast-paced world and as a mother of a small child myself I always think about how to keep my little one active.

We need to be creative at times, but it’s all about keeping our kids happy and healthy, right?! Take a look at some ways to get your children be active.

1. Gardening and yard work

Sometimes you can think there is no way to get your pre-teen/teen to garden. Usually the younger ones are all in. How do I know? My 3 year old child jumps when she has the chance and is always deep in some good ole dirt!

As for the older ones, cutting the lawn (with a push mower of course), raking leaves, or trimming tree branches are something they usually can do. In such a way they will be using muscles they didn’t even know they had.

2. Field day games

Organize a field day competition in the back yard and ask your kids invite their friends and have a kind of a friendly competition. It can consist of different kinds of exercises including short races, free throw contest, the long jump, pull up contest, sit up contest, and push up contest. You can also challenge your children to push themselves physically and at the end of the competitions reward them with sporting equipment, certificates, or even money!

3. Stay active

Another way to get your children to be active is to stay active yourself. As parents, we must show the example for our children every single day, and when you think they aren’t watching, you better think that they are.

All children (more often younger ones) repeat everything that their parents are doing. We are the first example for our children, that’s why try not to let them down.

Let your children see you active and exercise. Try not to work out at the gym. Do it at home with your kids.

You can purchase a set of light-weight dumbbells and teach them proper form with tricep extensions, bicep curls and shoulder presses. Try and be that fitness role model for your kids.

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4. Exercise for gamers

Are your children avid gamers? If they are, get them excited about being active using their favorite tool! Xbox 360 Just Dance or Nintendo Wii Fit are just two options of exercise based video games.

Your children won’t only get in some exercise, but also have fun with this too. And actually no one said that video games were just for kids?! You can join them for some gaming fun!

5. Go for a hike

One of the best ways to get your kids to exercise is to go for a hike. In such a way they will be into nature and outdoors.

Hunting for a scavenger is a nice way to make it a little more interesting and encourage your children to pay attention to their surroundings and enjoy nature. Taking a hike is one of the best way for your kids to be active.

6. Enjoy the great outdoors

If the sun is shining and the weather is wonderful, take an advantage for playtime outside. Remember your good old days of riding bikes, hide-n-seek, red light-green light, kickball, playing tag, and climbing trees.

Give an example to your children how to be active and have fun! Everyone is extremely happy and enjoys outdoors’ activities.

7. Walking or riding

If you live close to the grocery store, the library, or your child’s school, why not walk there instead of riding or driving? There is nothing more enjoyable than a pleasant walk! I like walking with my kid, because I know she is active and healthy!

8. Dance, dance, dance

It’s a good idea to enroll your children to a dance class. Dance classes are perfect for children who are a little more artsy or for those that just enjoy dancing.

Going to a ballet, hip-hop class, or ballroom dance class will get your children exercise for at least an hour 1-2 times a week. Some other benefits of dancing are positive socializing, boosted confidence, improved posture, and, besides, it reduces stress. So get your dance on!

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9. Join a team

Team sports are an awesome opportunity to get your kids socializing as well as exercising. When my kid is competitively active among peers, she is also encouraged to stay consistent and lead an active lifestyle. It’s necessary to hone in on some of the skills that your children have mastered to make the best selection of sport for your children to join.

Now you have a few fun ways to get your children exercising and moving. How do you think which of these ways your kids will like best?