7 Ways to Feel Inspired When You’ve Lost Motivation


When you’ve lost your motivation, it’s important to find ways to get inspired. If you are feeling stuck on a problem or a project or you just need a little inspiration for something crafty, here are a few ways to feel inspired when you have lost motivation!

1. Switch up your routine

Although routine is great, because you can know how to plan and what to expect, it can get boring! Switch up your routine! Swap out your Starbucks run for a pastry shop at the corner, or go to the gym in the evening instead of the morning. Shaking up your daily routine will help you to feel inspired.

2. Step out of your comfort zone

Another great way to feel inspired is to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes when you get too comfortable with your everyday life, inspiration can be hesitant to strike. Do something you’d never ordinarily do! Go on a date with your boss’s son or go skydiving. Get out of your comfort zone to do anything new and to enjoy your life!

3. Bring a fresh perspective to life

If you’re working on something for a really long time, you might not see the bigger picture. Ask your coworkers or friends for their opinions and ideas, it will help to bring in a fresh perspective. Whether you stuck at a standstill on your weight loss or you are working on a new project, a fresh perspective may be something you need to feel inspired.

4. Use nature as your guide

If you don’t live in a rugged or exotic place, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use nature as your guide. You can still find beauty in softly falling snow, raindrops on the window, or freshly sprung flowers. When was the last time you opened a window to let some light and fresh air into your room? Open your window for some fresh air. I also love taking a walk and hearing the birds sing!

5. Meditate

Meditation is perhaps the oldest trick in the book that really works! If you clear your mind of all the stresses, you will have a more relaxed pace and think more clearly. Try breathing exercises, or yoga. Take a bath, light a few candles, or do anything to unwind your mind.

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6. Try something new

As I said before, your daily routines can really hamper your inspiration. Try something absolutely new! Paint your bedroom a bright color or go to a new restaurant in town. Trying something brand new will release a rush of endorphins and feel good hormones, and will make you feel relaxed and inspired!

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7. Spend your day with a child

Kids are full of life, love, energy, and they are really happy-go-lucky. So steal away your niece or nephew and go to the park. Just seeing the joy and being around that positive attitude will be encouraging and inspiring to you at the same time.

Inspiration can come from the strangest places, but sometimes you have to allow it to happen. How do you find inspiration in your everyday life? Please comment below and thanks for reading!