9 Tips for Decorating an Elegant Christmas Tree


5. Set up Small Lights

If you dream of a marvelous and elegant tree you should definitely forget about huge bulbs of light. They will only impair the results of your decoration. Small glittering light is a splendid idea! Lights shouldn’t be the main attraction of the tree, they should only emphasize its beauty.

If you are afraid to fail in choosing the lights, the best idea for you are white or clear lights.

To succeed in your tree decoration, don’t use musical or flash lights. Remember about the color spectrum you picked for your tree.

6. Start with the Lights

Putting the lights on your Christmas tree requires so much hard work from you. Try to do that process correctly and finally you will be fascinated with a glorious look of your tree. Take into considerations the following pieces of advice:

  1. Locate the lights filling the whole space of the tree. To make the cord invisible put some of them on the branches.
  2. To control how evenly you spaced the lights it’s better to go away from the tree in some distance and look at it. Find out those lights which are too dark or too bright.

7. Proceed with Ribbons and Garlands

When you have already finished setting the lights, it’s time to add some other decorations to your tree, those which can be perfectly combined with the bulbs. Surely the selection of ornaments depends on your preferences and tastes but you should remember some useful tips:

  1. If popcorn garlands are your favorite, white color will be the best for them. You should prepare popcorn yourself for this decoration, make it white like snow and it will look natural. All the guests who come to your home will be amazed with the fantastic decoration of your tree.
  2. I wouldn’t recommend you to use fluffy tinsel for trimming. It’s out of fashion today. If you want your tree look really stylish, forget about tinsel. In case you admire tinsel and can’t imagine tree decoration without it, you should use some small garlands made of tiny pieces of foil. They look very beautiful shaped like stars or other objects.
  3. Nowadays garlands of metallic beads enjoy great popularity. Make sure to add them to your Christmas tree. No doubt it will be the major wonder of your home. While choosing the color of these garlands don’t forget about the color scheme which prevails in decoration. Tiny beads will suit perfectly to the tree. Space garlands evenly on the tree.
  4. Usually when we prepare our Christmas tree plastic icicles come to our mind. There are different variations of them. But to use them successfully you should be careful. For example strings of small icicles with lights inside them can match perfectly to the whole image of your tree. If you have an experience of using plastic icicles in the past you can take them again without any hesitations. Don’t let them outshine the other decorations on the tree.
  5. Another choice which can appeal to you is wired ribbons. But to choose the ideal one you should be precise about their shape. It must be firm and not flop over. Try to avoid ribbons of huge sizes. Keep to the medium size. It is enough if you can see it well from some distance. Little bows will be a nice addition to your fabulous tree.

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