9 Tips for Decorating an Elegant Christmas Tree


3. Choose an Appropriate Color Spectrum

To create a perfect and marvelous tree you need to use one color spectrum decorating it. As a result your tree will have an accomplished look. The main points which you should remember when trimming the tree are the following: the decorations have to match the color of the room, you should leave some space for your childhood ornaments which are still significant. Consider these color spectrums which can appeal to you:

  1. Cool colors such as silver, blue, purple can look really gorgeous. It will be a right choice to decorate your tree with artificial ice and snow and add some sparkling details. Following this color scheme don’t use golden, red and yellow colors. Blue or colorless lights will be a wonderful addition. Your Christmas tree will look elegantly if you use only silver and white colors.
  2. Popular Christmas colors such as red and green will add some brightness to your tree. You can choose lovely red ribbons, ornaments and garlands to accompany a fresh green tree. Some gold or silver trim will provide the tree with a brilliant look.
  3. Stick to the scheme in which warm or cold colors prevail. Trying this way of decoration you will provide yourself with a Christmas tree which doesn’t resemble any other. If you made up your mind to have a cold tree you should prepare silver, blue, purple and green decorations; if you focused on a warm tree the prevailing colors should be orange, gold and red.
  4. One more color scheme is metallic. These colors include bronze, gold and silver. What is the most important about them is that they can be mixed together easily. Clear lights will emphasize the brightness of the tree.

4. Focus on Bulbs with Ornaments

Some people have a lot of various ornaments which they can collect for many years. And Christmas is a great opportunity to share that beauty with others. But what to do if you don’t have such collection at home?

You should certainly purchase a set of ornaments that will enable your tree with a magnificent look. Keep in mind some tips which can help you to select the proper ornaments.

  1. Give preference to shiny or matte ornaments. Using bulbs of different colors will make your tree more vivid and cheerful. But if you are not good at experiments better use either matte bulbs or shiny.
  2. While buying decorations for your Christmas tree you should control your expenses. Nowadays it’s easy to find multipacks with ornaments at numerous shops. They will save your money significantly. It’s a nice decision to use those bulbs as the base of your decoration and a few expensive ornaments will add some luxury to your tree.
  3. Be careful while choosing the size of the bulbs and mixing them together. It’s better to stick to the same size of bulbs. But if you are eager so much to try some other sizes you can add several bulbs that are different. You will make your tree more attractive. The main rule you should remember is that the difference in the size mustn’t be great.