7 Interesting Ideas for Eco-Friendly Christmas Presents


I think that everyone would be extremely happy to receive eco-friendly present for Christmas. That’s why you can use some of the following ideas for such gifts.

Show your family and friends how much you care with eco-friendly gifts that they’ll actually like and use. They will certainly please your friends and relatives.

1. Fair Trade Products

When you buy some fair trade goods, you can be sure that they are produced legitimately. Such products include coffee and chocolate. It is a well-known fact that the most valuable selections of chocolate and coffee are grown in countries with a low rate of economic development.

So fair trade is practiced to control the sources of these goods. You will contribute greatly to the festive mood of the workers and satisfy your friend’s needs if you purchase fair trade coffee and chocolate.

2. Home Energy Monitoring System

It will be a nice idea to give someone this present for Christmas, especially if a person considers it very important to control their daily energy consumption. When you have such a system at home, you don’t need to look at the thermostats of your appliances and check your bills all the time.

If you set up an energy monitoring system at your home, you’ll be able to see how much energy was consumed every time when you want. Besides, this device will surprise you with its numerous functions.

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3. Natural Cosmetics

Nowadays, cosmetics are mostly produced from chemical substances. And when you use such products, they badly influence your skin and the environment.

Christmas is a wonderful time to think about eco-friendly cosmetics as a perfect gift for your friends. If you like this idea, you can choose among various shampoo, soap, and makeup, which consist of natural materials.

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4. Eco-Friendly Wine

During Christmas and other holidays, people very often give each other wine as a present. But we don’t pay so much attention to eco-friendly wine. Only natural ingredients are used to produce this wine.

While in other versions, you can still find some chemicals. That’s for sure you’ll have to pay much money for such a product. But we can do everything for the safety of our environment.

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5. Eco-Friendly Clothes

Different kinds of clothes are very popular Christmas presents for our family, friends, and sweethearts. Every year we buy for them various dresses, tunics, coats, and jackets.

But how often do we buy eco-friendly clothes? Certainly, we should be more careful while choosing apparel for our close people.

Today, many department stores can offer us an enormous range of clothing made of organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. If you want to contribute more to environmental protection, you’d better not buy leather and fur coats or something made of synthetic materials.

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6. Energy Efficient Appliances

I must admit that electrical appliances are extremely popular gifts during Christmas and other holidays. So when you come to the store in search of a new food processor, blender, or juicer for your friend or family member, make sure that it is environmentally friendly.

To be more successful in your choice, you should look for a high-energy rating appliance. In such way, you will decrease the energy consumption in your home, but the output will be the same.

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7. Buy Flowers in the Pots

Eco-friendly presents have a lot of advantages, and they are very simple. Don’t spend so much time trying to find some sophisticated presents for your friends.

For instance, you can buy a nice plant in the pot and surely it will be greatly appreciated by those who receive it. Find the nearest florist’s and purchase a beautiful potted plant. You can even choose a plant for the garden.

Then take into consideration its decoration and how the plant can match it. Potted plants are truly eco-friendly present with so many positive features: decorating our home, improving our mood, and benefiting the environment.

Do you have any other ideas for eco-friendly Christmas gifts not mentioned on this list? If so, please share them with us in the comments section.