4 Great Tips for Throwing a Movie or TV Themed Party


Throwing a themed party can be a little bit daunting, but the effort you put in to preparation will pay off in the compliments you’ll receive from your guests during and after the party. A themed party will be a hit among fans, and it’s relatively easy to plan, prepare, and execute. Here are a few tips for throwing a movie or TV themed party.

1. Create a trivia game

For any true aficionados, trivia games are always a hit. Create a trivia game and split your guests into two teams, playing a Jeopardy-style game.

Or, you can create a charades game wherein your guests act out different characters from your chosen film or television show. For some more popular movies and TV shows, there are versions of the popular game “Scene It” that your guests can play.

2. Give prize for the costumes

Themed parties are always a little more fun when your guests are fully in the spirit of the theme. In the case of a television or movie-based party, encourage your guests to dress in costume.

Give prize for the costumes in categories such as “Most Creative,” “Most Obscure,” or “Funniest.” A fun way to award prizes for costumes is to allow the guests to decide. Hand out polls to the guests to fill out and tally up the winners from the guests’ polls.

3. Food

No party is complete without food. Re-watch the chosen film or television show that will be the theme of your party, and look for the types of foods they eat in your chosen film or television show.

Television shows are usually easier because they typically have more material from which to choose, but don’t be afraid to get creative. If you feel like it would be helpful to guests, label the foods in reference to the thematic film or television show of choice.

4. Watch the thematic inspiration at the party

Sure, if you’re throwing a party with the theme of a specific television show or film, you must watch the thematic inspiration at the party. Watch the chosen film or the best episodes of the chosen television series. If you are basing your party from a television series, you may want to have guests sent you their favorite episodes when they RSVP, so you can pick which episodes to watch, according to the preferences of your guests.

Most all, the most important tip in throwing a theme party is to make sure every guest feels welcome and comfortable. They’ve been invited for their interest in your chosen theme, so make them glad they came. The more references to the movie or television series you incorporate in the form of games, treats, costumes, and favors, the more memorable your party will be, and the more fun you and your guests will have.

Have you ever thrown a movie or TV themed party? Do you have some tips to share?