15 Greatest Sources of Vitamins and Minerals for Your Skin


15. Celery

Finally, celery is one of the greatest sources of vitamins and minerals for your perfect skin. While most women underestimate celery, it is rich in Vitamin K that helps keep the circulation of the blood healthy and helps control high blood pressure. Celery is also rich in natural sodium and potassium, and helps prevent dehydration due to its water content. Therefore, it helps prevent dryness, wrinkles, and breakouts.

You can see that foods which we consume are really significant for our health, beauty and good mood. That’s why you should be careful with foods which you add to your diet. There is a wide range of foods which help you to get rid of numerous skin problems. I told you about my favorite sources of minerals and vitamins which are useful for skin. They worked for me and I achieved the desirable result. You can share your secrets for the perfect skin.