8 Good Reasons to Eat Organic Foods


There are many good reasons why we should eat organic foods. Of course, you might say that organic foods get a high price, but it is worth it. Numerous studies have shown that organic food is much better for you and your family, especially for children. Here is a list of 8 good reasons for eating organic foods.

1. Organic foods are eco-friendly

Organic foods are generally grown without harsh chemicals and processed using traditional methods and they are also better for our environment. Organic farming usually includes rotation of crops without spraying soil with chemicals, which is better for both the food and the environment. This is one of the most important reasons to eat organic foods.

2. Organic foods are fresher

Organic foods are fresher than their non-organic counterparts because fruits and vegetables are not treated with artificial preservatives. For example, apples that are treated with chemicals and coated in wax can be preserved for several weeks after it was picked, and it’s not very fresh by the time you buy them.

Organic apples will last for a short time, but when you buy them, it’s so fresh and so sweet.

3. Organic foods contain more nutrients

This is another good reason to eat organic foods. Countless studies have shown that organic foods contain more nutrients. Even though the research is still ongoing, and even though some researches have shown that it’s only slightly more effective at delivering the nutrition people need, I think it’s very healthy to eat organic.

4. Organic foods are safer

Apart from all health consequences, which can happen when you eat the residue from chemical preservatives and pesticides, non-organic foods also contain food-borne bacteria and viruses, such as salmonella and E. coli. This is especially true of both eggs and meats.

They contain germs that cause foodborne diseases. It is a very important reason to eat organic foods, isn’t it?

5. Organic foods are free of pesticides

Almost every day we’re hearing about the harm and diseases caused by certain chemicals in foods, and most of the time from chemicals that were used to grow them. Organic foods are generally grown, handled, and processed in natural ways, without that harmful chemical insecticide, fertilizers, herbicides, growth hormones, and antibiotics.

To grow their crops and animals organic farmers use safer and more natural methods, such as using naturally-derived pesticides and using compost to feed plants.

6. Organic foods are tastier

Another great reason to eat organic foods is that they are much tastier than non-organic foods! I think it’s because organic foods are fresher and grown without harsh chemicals, that’s why they taste so good!

Don’t believe it? Try to do a small experiment: buy one organic and one non-organic hothouse tomato and compare them. You will be astonished about the difference!

7. Organic foods are better for children

Kids are especially susceptible to diseases caused by chemicals, which are used to grow and process food. That’s why if you have a child, you should seriously consider going organic.

If you don’t have enough money for feeding your family with only organic foods, then buy organic foods where it counts most. For example, fruits and vegetables, which we don’t peel before eating, such as berries, grapes, peaches, apples, and leafy greens.

8. Mostly organic foods are local

Organic fruits and vegetables have much shorter shelf lives because they are not sprayed with different chemical preservatives, and that means they should be locally grown, and this is good in all ways! The main thing is buying local foods means supporting your local economy. It’s also good for the environment, there is less trucking required to bring foods to the market.

I know most organic foods are more expensive than non-organic, but it’s so much better for you and your family! If you are eating organic foods, are there some other reasons to make the switch? Share your thoughts, please!