10 Christmas Gift Ideas to Avoid


Giving gifts to friends and loved ones over the holidays feels good. Yet the process of actually shopping for holiday gifts can be rather stressful.

Rushing around crowded, overheated department stores in your winter coat in order to find decent gifts for friends and relatives isn’t much fun. Because shopping for Christmas gifts can be a pain, some people tend to buy gifts for loved ones without putting enough thought into the purchases they make. However, once you know what pitfalls to avoid, buying Christmas gifts for loved ones isn’t quite so taxing.

1. Insulting Gifts

Have you ever bought a weight loss book for a rotund aunt, or a teeth bleaching kit for an uncle who smokes tobacco? You may think that such gifts are helpful, but they aren’t. Your plump aunt knows her bottom is bigger than average, and your smoking uncle knows that his teeth are discolored.

Most people are all too aware of their flaws. If you give someone a gift that is intended to improve their appearance or character in some way, you are letting them know that you are aware of their flaws too. When a person opens up such a gift, it feels similar to a punch to the gut.