10 Beauty Mistakes That Age You


10. Blush Strokes

Blush can either make your skin look taut and youthful or it can draw attention to sags. Which of these effects blush has comes down to where it is applied and the strokes used.

Avoid putting blush on the fleshy parts of the cheeks. Apply it at the highest point of your cheekbone or, alternatively, find the fleshy part and apply the blush just above it.

You want to brush from the center of your face out, but don’t start too close to the nose. Always lift upward with each stroke, using a brush large enough to cover your whole cheekbone.

Avoid dark colors as well. Go for natural skin tones or more neutral rose colors. Remember not to use a flat or matte finish.

To maintain a healthy, radiant, youthful look, follow the tips above. When you doubt, however, follow the general rules of youthful beauty. First, play with light and shadow. You want to lighten darker areas around your eyes and you want to reduce glare and soften light on the brightest areas.

Second, remember that powders, particularly matte powders, will emphasize lines and wrinkles. Less is more with powders, so use sparingly. Follow these rules of thumb and the ten tips above to achieve a youthful, sophisticated look.