20 Best Ways to Get Rid of Body Fat Fast


9. Stop eating diet foods

A lot of people think that they can lose weight by eating diet cereals, ice creams, protein bars, etc. The truth is that diet foods don’t work! Don’t buy processed foods in special cans, containers and boxes. Don’t eat a lot of artificial sweeteners, excess carbs and processed breads. Opt for organic fresh food, instead.

Organic food will improve your mood and help you lose your weight faster. The food is considered to be organic if it contains more than 90% of natural ingredients. It means that no pesticides or fertilizers were used in it. Check whether the product is properly marked.

It’s always a great idea to make your own meal instead of buying frozen dishes. Remember that healthy food lays in your saucepan and is not packed in plastic bag. Cook the portion you can eat at one go. Try not to keep dishes for several days. I know how difficult it is to refuse so habitual food. And you may be at a loss at first when looking at those raw vegetables, oatmeal, spices and dairy products.

But if you really want to improve digestion and speed up metabolism get used to cooking for yourself. Healthy, organic food can be really delicious.