9 Incredible Benefits of Lemon Water


The role of water in our body is immense. It is important to control our water intake in order to be healthy and beautiful. Doctors say that we should drink nearly eight glasses of water daily. Only this way your body will stay hydrated and you’ll be able to slake thirst when it is hot.

Most of us usually prefer to consume other sweet and delicious beverages instead of water, however, they are not good for our health and some of them may be even harmful.

Recently I have found out that it can be so easy to drink a lot of water and enjoy its taste at the same time. For this you need to add some fruits to your water and you will get a yummy and healthy beverage. Lemon water is the most preferable choice these days. Lemon juice is extremely beneficial for you since it is packed with a great number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help to improve your health.

If you drink pure lemon juice it may harm the enamel of your teeth, so you’d better mix it with water. I would recommend you to use warm water as it will aid the process of digestion in your body. Make it a rule to drink lemon water every morning before breakfast and you will feel all its benefits. Here are some of the greatest reasons why lemon water is good for you.

1. It Aids Digestion

Lemon water has a wonderful ability to promote your digestion and remove toxins from your digestive tract. Therefore, you should include it into your daily diet by all means. Sometimes we can suffer from indigestion and its annoying symptoms like nausea, heartburn and bloating.

Lemon water will be a nice solution for you. By drinking it you’ll easily get rid of these health problems. Plus, if you are overweight and want to burn some calories, I would advise you to prepare a mixture of warm water, lemon juice, honey and consume it regularly.