15 Wonderful Ideas for Your 30th Birthday Celebration


You will soon celebrate your 30th birthday. It’s a great occasion in your life, and you prepare thoroughly for it. You have already exhausted your brain trying to find brilliant ideas for celebration. For someone, the birthday can be a nice opportunity to analyze life achievements and failures. Your 30th birthday is a great day to complete everything you desired so much. There are plenty of ways to celebrate your birthday. I’m sure every woman can choose the one which will suit her perfectly. Even if you are not married yet and have no children and a successful career, you can get the best feelings and emotions from your birthday, which will be endless.

1. Bake a cake

One of the best ideas for your birthday this year is baking a cake. The cake you buy at the shop will never taste as good as the one you cooked yourself. Besides, you will be overwhelmed with a sense of self-pride.

2. Change the color of your room

Birthday is a perfect time for changes, even if they are small. You can start at your house. For example, a new color of your room will make your life brighter. What you need is just a can of paint and old clothes. You can start your work! You will see that result will be unbelievable! It’s not only a new room with a different color but also a sense of accomplishment. You will have more fun and pleasure if you do this work with one of your close friends or relative.

3. Visit a new restaurant outside your town

The best way to get positive emotions on your birthday is to try something new and different. This year you can visit a new restaurant or café somewhere outside your town. You will be enabled to eat new dishes, enjoy the new atmosphere. Moreover, a wonderful and exciting trip to a restaurant is obvious.

4. Visit places about which you didn’t think before

Don’t be afraid to try something new. New places, people, and activities – everything is possible! Your 30th birthday is a brilliant chance to visit a place which you even couldn’t dream about. It will be amazing! Your best friend or a family member can go with you. It would help if you took the camera with you to take pictures of the best sights. During the journey, you can find many interesting things that will inspire you to visit this place again and again.

5. Change your hairstyle

A new hairstyle is a good way for most women to improve their mood and feelings. When your birthday coming, it is more significant. Change your hairstyle but don’t be crazy about that. For instance, if your hair is long and straight, you can cut it a bit and make it wavy. After you visit a hairdresser, you will feel how beautiful you are. And certainly, that feeling will make you more self-confident.

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6. Organize a ladies’ night

A ladies’ night for your birthday is a good opportunity to meet with your friends. You can invite the girls who are the best and closest friends for you. This celebration should be planned for a few days. The best decision will be outside, but still, you can enjoy the party at home. This idea will make your birthday memorable.

7. Taking photos

On this day you can take a lot of exciting photos. Make sure that you have your best dress on, your hairstyle is perfect, and the best friends are near. Such photos will evoke only positive and bright emotions. And certainly, all the attention should be focused on you.

8. Make your bucket list

It’s essential to have a list of things which you want to do. To make them real, you should write down the most desirable and significant things for you. Your birthday is a good time for that. Check off one point, and you will see how easy it can be.