10 Amazing Benefits of Dragon Fruit


Also known as pitaya, dragon fruit is becoming a favorite fruit of many people these days. It has plenty of health benefits that you may not even know about.

One fruit contains about 60 calories and it’s the great news for those who are on a diet. Dragon fruits are packed with vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3, and essential minerals including phosphorus, iron, and calcium. Read on and find out some of the best benefits of a dragon fruit.

1. Powerful antioxidants

Help your body get rid of all the free radicals along with cancer-producing properties by consuming foods that are rich in powerful antioxidants. Dragon fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants that help reduce the cell-damaging effects of those free radicals in the body.

2. Helps prevent signs of aging

Since dragon fruit is rich in powerful antioxidants, it helps prevent skin aging. Eat this fun-looking fruit to keep your skin tight, young, and healthy.

I love making a face mask using dragon fruits and honey. I apply it to my skin and rinse it off after 15-20 minutes. This is a natural alternative to an expensive anti-aging mask.

3. Improves cardiovascular health

In this busy world full of stress, many people have serious problems with cardiovascular health. Dragon fruit can help improve your cardiovascular health by reducing bad cholesterol levels and replenishing good levels. This fruit is rich in monounsaturated fats that help the heart stay in the best condition.

4. Helps control and fight diabetes

Dragon fruit is a fantastic source of fiber and it can help control and fight diabetes, as it helps stabilize blood glucose levels by suppressing glucose spikes. But make sure you consult your doctor before adding dragon fruits to your eating plan.

5. Improves digestive system

Consuming dragon fruit can also help clean up the digestive system. As I mentioned above, dragon fruit has a very high fiber content that can improve poor digestion and relieve constipation. By consuming the seeds and flesh, you will keep your body satisfied and fortified.

6. Treats colored hair

Looking for an effective way to treat your colored hair? Put the juice of dragon fruits on your scalp and wash it off after 15-20 minutes.

This treatment will help protect your colored or chemically treated hair and will make it smooth and healthy. You can also use a conditioner that contains dragon fruit.

7. Soothes sunburned skin

To soothe your sunburned skin, combine dragon fruit with honey and cucumber juice and apply it to the affected area. As dragon fruit is high in vitamin B3, it releases heat from the affected area and moisturizes sunburned skin.

8. Helps treat acne

Dragon fruit is a great acne treatment not only for teens but for adults as well. It contains vitamin C and a wonderful topical ointment.

Just turn a few slices of dragon fruit into a paste, apply it to the areas with acne, and rinse it off. Use twice every day for better results.

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9. Helps relieve arthritis

One of the best health benefits of dragon fruit is that it can help relieve arthritis, which affects the joints, causing severe pain, irritation, and, sometimes, even immobility. Dragon fruit is known as anti-inflammatory fruit so it’s advisable for people who suffer from arthritis to add dragon fruits to their healthy eating plan.

10. Good for eyes

Dragon fruit is rich in Vitamin A in the form of carotene which is needed by the retina of the eye for both low-light and color vision. Numerous eye problems, particularly age-related macular degeneration, can be caused by a deficiency in Vitamin A. Eating dragon fruit can improve your eyesight so make sure you include it to your diet.

I’m personally tired of the everyday banana and apple, and I always want to try something tasty and absolutely new. Similar to kiwi fruit, dragon fruit is easy to eat and it’s a great snack to eat on the go.

Do you like dragon fruits? Do you know any other benefits of this fascinating fruit?