7 Ways to Cope with Someone Who Talks about You behind Your Back


When you have someone talking about you behind your back, I have some tried and tested ways on how to deal with them! As for me, I fought with this my whole youthhood, and if to be honest, I regret I paid so much attention to this.

Very often peers are cruel, when you are a teenager. But, even women who are grown-ups face with such situation at times. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, look through these easy ways to cope with people when they talk about you behind your back.

1. You are better

You should always keep in mind that you are much better than all those people who talk about you behind your back. Be strong and try not to show your anger, irritation, or acting like a small child. Behave like a grown-up and continue doing your business.

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2. Find out the source

I think one of the most important things for how to struggle with someone who talks about you behind your back is to find people who are actually doing it. Mostly, it is the person whom you know somehow: other female, team mate or a colleague. Your friends can also do this since they are competing with you at some point in life, that’s why when thinking who is talking about you behind your back, remember this.

The reason is they are trying to receive something in return from someone else by gossiping about you. Just know that people talk about you only for their own gain, or because they don’t know how to handle a mature relationship. Remember that before moving further.

3. Move on

The next piece of advice is that in any situation is vital to continue doing your business. Find new friends, and show the person who is gossiping about you behind your back that everything she is saying are just rumors. It’s a good way to “get back” at people discussing you, but not lashing out.

4. Tap into your backbone

A good thing about the person gossiping about you is that this provides you a backbone! All you need is to be sure you tap into that backbone.

The meaning is that you have to develop some strength. When people discuss you, it is a part of becoming an adult. Be tough, and forget it!

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5. Relax

I agree this easy to say that to do, but really, don’t care what a particular person is saying about you all the time. Our life is a moment, and you can’t make up your life of what someone says about you behind your back.

6. Stay positive

It’s ridiculous just sit around and concentrate on what people say about you behind your back. You will just get cranky, since you can not influence the situation.

It’s a natural thing being furious at times, but then, focus and move on, be more positive instead! All the precious talents and energy you have shouldn’t be forgotten by thinking about negative and often false statements that a person is saying about you behind your back.

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7. Confront them

One more option you can do is to confront people discussing you, but in a calm, responsible way. Never ask them why, since that doesn’t matter. On the contrary, tell these people how upset you are and you are really tired to feel in such a way, and you want them to stop gossiping about you, especially if it is a rumor.

You control the situation when confronting them, and it also shuts the door on people discussing you. But if a person keeps talking about you behind your back, all the same you have at least shown them you know it, and normally, they stop doing so in the future.

Using these ways have truly helped me over the years, and I believe they will do the same for you. If you’ve found out something important about how to cope with people who discuss you behind your back, you can always tell it.

What have you learned about someone who talks about you when you are not near?