20 Best Ways to Get Rid of Body Fat Fast


13. Combine cardio and strength training

This way will definitely help you burn calories, reduce body fat and increase your metabolism. Combine 45-60 minutes of cardio training with weight training and you will get a great result. A couple of sets will reinforce the effect. By combining cardio and strength exercises you will develop your muscles and get rid of that fat. Cardio trainings enhance your body endurance and weight trainings help to create muscles.

Combined trainings are always more effective than only one kind of exercise. Our muscles get used to every kind of physical activity. That’s the reason we feel uncomfortable at the beginning of the session and good after the training. However, when we work with the same complex of exercises for a long time they become inefficient.

It’s recommended to combine cardio and strength trainings to achieve great results. I also recommend you to check your heart rate regularly when exercising in order to prevent an overload. Normal heart rate can increase up to 140 when exercising.